Saturday, 13 August 2011

Welcome! Only Connect... by JJohnsonn

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"ONLY CONNECT"... These two simple words, (the epigraph to E.M. Foresters 1910 novel "Howard's End") have stuck with me since I was an undergrad at University studying English in the 1990's.

They sum up the essence of literacy &, I believe, the purpose of school. We are communicators. We read, we write, we solve, we learn, we share through a wide variety of mediums. The technology age has only enhanced this aspect of our human nature. We tweet. We blog. We facebook.  We continue to read, write, learn and share in new ways and as such are becoming digital citizens.

The purpose of this site is to
  • provide digital connection between myself, students,  parents, the community & other educators or interested parties. It is to promote understanding & fun (because learning can be fun!).
  • act as a teaching tool in this class as I post & connect learning items and as we add entries as a whole class (a form of modeled and shared writing) and as students contribute individually as 'guest bloggers'. (Digital citizenship in the making!)
  • act as a portfolio of student work
As you can see, there are several pages, blogs and links. This site will grow as this class grows through the year.

Please explore the site & let me know if you've any questions, concerns or comments! I always welcome feedback. My email is

Julie Johnson, teacher

PS I also created a comic based on the theme 'only connect'...