Student Slides

Blake Nature Reserves

Tom Oil

Jared Oil Spills

Maya  Plastic

Chase Food Waste

Hunter Coral Reefs

Chloe Greenhouse Gases

Carina Coral Reefs

Nicole Rain Forests

Trent Shark Decline

Mollie Oceans

Michael Oil Spills

Mady Sharks

Felix Oil Spills

Desmond Bees & Pesticides

Michael Oil Spills

Sully Air Pollution

Robert  Overfishing

Hannah Great Barrier Reef

Olivia Plastics in Oceans

Tyra: microbeads (have it, just not online)
Matt: economics of energy

  • able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed

  • involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources

  • able to last or continue for a long time


  1. Research an issue related to sustainability. 
  2. Identify and explain the problem
    1. How is this a sustainability issue? 
    2. What are the consequences of the problem?
    3. Who is affected by the problem?
    4. Why do you think we should we care about the problem?
  3. Identify the solutions. 
    1. What is being done to solve the problem?
    2. What options are available? 
    3. Are there examples of solutions happening currently? Include them!
  4. List 1 thing you personally can do about it. 

*Writing must be in your own words.
*Subtitles for each section.
*Include pictures (with captions) to break up the text!
*List of resources consulted/links uses must be included.

  • demonstrates considerable understanding of content
    • for examples: provides numerous, specific details about the issue
  • uses critical/ creative thinking processes with considerable effectiveness
    • for example: provides a detailed and convincing argument for why we should care about the issue
  • expresses and organizes ideas and information with considerable effectiveness
    • for example, uses subheadings, pictures, text boxes to organize information within the slide

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