Animal Farm Essay In Class A DECENT DRAFT is Due: March 1
Animal Farm Essay FINAL DRAFT is Due: MARCH 8

Final Assignments: Literary Essay (Topic paragraph-stating your argument, 1st proof explained, 2nd proof explained, conclusion/summary paragraph) 

Level 1: limited understanding 
Level 2: some understanding 
Level 3: considerable understanding 
Level 4: a high degree of understanding

Level 1: limited effectiveness
Level 2: some effectiveness
Level 3: considerable effectiveness
Level 4: a high degree of effectiveness


1. Which character would make the best leader? (Consider what it takes to be a good leader. How should they use their power?  How should they NOT use their power? Use 2 examples from the text to make your case.)

2. What is the main idea or theme of Animal Farm? Explain, using 2 examples from the text to make your case.

3. How does peer pressure impact the situation on the farm? Use 2 examples of peer pressure in the novel (consider Boxer and the sheep) to make your case.

4. Explain why 'an enemy' is necessary for the animals. What is the purpose of having an 'enemy'? Use 2 examples from the text to make your case.

5. Make a comparison between Animal Farm and another text. Consider Hunger Games, Star Wars, or the following quotes:

"With great power comes great responsibility." Spiderman

"There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing up, the other is pushing down." Booker T. Washington

How do they compare or relate? What is similar and what is different?

6. Which of these book covers best represents the story of Animal Farm? Choose one and explain. Use 2 examples from the text to make your case.

Book cover A

Book Cover B
Book Cover C

7. Your choice. Please discuss with Mrs. J.

**With thanks to, (Animal Farm teacher's guide), and (student guide) for their wonderful resources and ideas!

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