Friday, 27 May 2016

MEDIA ANALYSIS: Music Videos and Commercials

We are bombarded regularly with various images in media. Consider music videos and commercials. Have you ever stopped to consider what those images are saying? What are those symbols, 'visual metaphors'? On a gut level we usually 'know' but can we communicate our understanding of what we 'know'?

In this last media unit of the year, we will be looking at music videos and commercials to analyze the images used. We will 'interpret their meaning' and in the process look at audience and point of view.

Here's an example.

STRESSED OUT by 21 Pilots

First, we looked at the lyrics. What is this song/poem saying? What is the 'main idea'?

Next, we examine the music video. What are the images used? How do they relate to the main idea of the song/poem (if at all)? What is their meaning?

Who is this song/poem/video for?

Another example:

ROYALS by Lorde

 Again, look at the lyrics. What is it saying? What is the main idea?

Next, look at the music video. What are the images used? How do they relate to the main idea? Who is this song for?


I actually once created a whole website devoted to this exploration.


This task is based on a workshop I attended at the SCDSB Equity Conference this past May.

1. On your Gender-bread Girl/Boy list all the gender stereotypes.

2. Answer these q's in your group.

3. Facts about SCDSB

GEOMETRY ART: Cartesian Plane Translation, reflection, rotation

TASK: Create a shape/object on the Cartesian Plane. Translate. Reflect. Rotate. Plot the points. Please indicate the type of transformation for each quadrant.


Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Health Unit Information

Parents, this letter went home on Tuesday:

Dear Parent or Guardian:

FRIDAY MAY 27 we will begin a health unit on Human Development and Sexual Health. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the topics that will be covered. It is our belief that you as parent/guardian play the most significant role in the formation of your child’s values and behaviours related to human development and sexual health. It is important for schools and parents to work together to ensure that home and school provide a mutually supportive framework for learning.

We are communicating our learning goals with you so that you are able to consider the topics in view of your own family and your own beliefs. This unit will cover the following areas of the Grade 8 Curriculum as outlined in the 2015 Ontario Health Curriculum document (Healthy Living section):

C1.4: identify and explain factors that can affect an individual’s decisions about sexual activity and identify sources of support regarding sexual health

C1.5: demonstrate an understanding of gender identity (e.g., male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex), gender expression, and sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual), and identify factors that can help individuals of all identities and orientations develop a positive self-

C2.4: analyze the attractions and benefits associated with being in a relationship as well as the benefits, risks, and drawbacks, for themselves and others, of relationships involving different degrees of sexual intimacy

C3.3:  demonstrate an understanding of aspects of sexual health and safety, including contraception and condom use for pregnancy and STI prevention, the concept of consent, and matters they need to consider and skills they need to use in order to make safe and healthy decisions about sexual activity

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. My email is

Julie Johnson
Shanty Bay PS

Grade 8 Teacher

Monday, 16 May 2016


You will need these images today as you will be required to build these objects in order to discovers aspects of their properties.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Pythagorean Theory Task: Real World Scenerios


You can use PT to prove the existence of a right angle triangle AND also to find the unknown length of a right angle triangle.

We will experiment with this second point around the classroom.

Take a photo of your scenario and email it to me, I will print it off.

Then include your photo, a drawing (not to scale), and your calculations and hand it into me!

Mrs J.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Geography on Monday!

You will likely need these links on Monday to complete your Geography task on population density!
  1. internet research: plug into google doc
  2. once all collected, answer qs on google forms
Have a great day!
Mrs. J