We have started Slam Poetry with Mrs. Czarnota!

On April 26, we will have a public exhibition showcasing our ART research/creations (see Art Research page for more details) AND our Slam Poetry results in our Slam Poetry Cafe.

This page will outline the resources/task.

TASK #1 Group Slam Poetry Performance
1. In your group, find a topic.
2. Write it all down.
3. Shape ideas into poem, edit and review (see Five Steps vid for more reference)
4. Practice
5. Perform in front of class (April 7)

TASK #2 Independent or Paired Slam Poetry Performance
1. Same as above, using class feedback from the group performances to improve.
2. Perform at Exhibition.

General timeline:
Fri Mar 31 - groups do steps 2-5 (revision phase)
Apr 7 - groups present for feedback (record) and start individual poems
Apr 11 (or other day that week) - individuals get step 1 done (writing it all down)
Apr 18 - individuals in sharing circles (steps 2-5) and get peer feedback
Apr 20 (or other day that week) - individuals continue to revise (steps 2-5)
Apr 26 - Poetry Cafe


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