Sunday, 18 March 2012

R&J Drama/Art Projects

One of the final assignments for our Romeo & Juliet unit, before March Break, was to choose a drama or art project from the list. This included such things as drama interpretation of the play, or a scene or scenes (in 5 minutes!), fashion design (designing clothes or a charm bracelet for a character or characters), creating a rap or song about the play, or drawing a picture book or comic (among other choices). Students could also come up with their own a pair of students did, making an animation of the Tybalt/Romeo fight (see below)

I know we were a bit pressed for time, but most students were able to come up with very interesting material and thus demonstrate knowledge of the play.

I also quite enjoyed the interpretative drama performance that put the story of R&J in Gingerbread land with unicorns, or the imaginative 'Juliet & Romeo' version, where everything was opposite...

Here are some photos of other R&J themed pieces: Facebook entries, costume design, and charm bracelets...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Showcasing Student Writing!

I am finally getting to this project, which has been on my mind for a online class writing portfolio!

This is partly for parents, so they can see student work. I currently don't send home completed writings. Instead students keep all their writing in one book/folder, so they can notice progress and trends in their work over time. It's important to keep all this work, as part of the reflection process inherent in writing. This writing book will go home at the end of the year (but in the meantime, check out a few samples on the online portfolio!)

This is also for students, so they have a broader audience for their isn't just for the teacher, you know! Your parents, your peers, and other educators (who are, frankly, curious and intrigued by some of the projects we have been doing, like the gaming reviews!) might like to see what's going on, the different writing styles, opinions and approaches.

And knowing you will be 'published' for a wider audience is a great motivator!

This online portfolio is really no different than hanging class work in the hallway...though it allows parents and others easier access. They don't have to come to the school physically to view it!

Please note that I keep it quite private, however, in the sense that I only use student initials and I do not include grades or teacher comments. That is private to the individual. If parents would like to discuss the work on display in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Also please keep in mind that this is a work in progress...I do not yet have all students, or all examples, on the site. I will email parents once this is more conclusive.

I just wanted to explain and share the idea!

Julie Johnson

Monday, 5 March 2012

Revised Due Dates

With the two snow days from last week, the skiing trip this week, and the assembly on Weds. morning (which eats into most of our literacy block), I've changed the due dates for the R&J projects. Hoping to have all projects and assignments completed for end of day Thursday but Friday will also do.

I would like all assignments handed in before March Break!