For my own classroom use, I like to list in point form my lesson plans for each day. Students and parents can also check to see what is happening daily. Or they can see what work they missed when they were away. Proposed plans are tentative and subject to change!

French is first period EVERY MORNING except Day 3
Gym is Day 1 and 5 unless otherwise state

Thursday June 29 
Last day of school
Final clean up, class party

Wednesday June 28
All day play day, clean up gym from grad

Tuesday June 27 *day plan depends on how many students are here :)
Grad! Any last minute prep and practice takes place today
Clean out desks; everything goes!

Monday June 26
Springwater Park or back up grad prep and practice if rain date needed June 22

Friday June 23 Day 3 Ms K

Thursday June 22 *day plan depends on baseball...this might be needed as a rain date
Celebration Assembly
Set up Gym
Mandatory Grade 8 grad rehearsal, grade 7's are audience

Wed June 21 *day plan depends on baseball

Tuesday June 20 *day plan depends on baseball

Monday June 19 *I am at math PD until 12:35
Laptops: finish digital narratives for sharing later
Math: rates, do group task and then textbook questions to take up
Digital Narratives: sharing
History Ep 5
Grad prep/outside

Friday June 16
Literacy Day and Ms K

Thursday June 15 Day 2
  1. Sexual Health finished* please hand in final booklet
  2. BREAK
  3. Math package
  4. Digital Narrative assignment DUE end of class
  5. BREAK
  6. Fan Films
Wednesday June 14 Day 1
  1. Sexual Health
  2. BREAK
  3. Math package
  4. Digital Narrative creative writing assignment
  5. BREAK
  6. Fan Films
  7. GYM

Tuesday June 13 Day 5
Track and Field All day

Monday June 12 Day 4
  1. Maddie and Bella: catch up on math missed
  2. Sexual Health STI/Contraception *must be completed, will be marked!
  3. BREAK
  4. 12:00
  5. evacuation practice
  6. BREAK
  7. Math packaged: geometry part 2 *hand in
  8. Last ep Inanimate Alice

Friday June 9 PD DAY

Thursday June 8 D3 *Ms K normal day

Wednesday June 7 D2 *Ms K is in for me

Tuesday June 6 D1
  1. Sexual Health Cont OR Digital Narratives *we only have 20 mins until the bus
  2. 10:30 bus to Eastview
  3. Lunch at Eastview
  4. 1:30 return
  5. BREAK
  6. Fan Films or Digital Narratives or Sexual Health
  7. GYM: either finish high jump as needed OR a fun, game based gym class

Monday June 5 D5

  1. Sexual Health Cont
  2. BREAK
  3. Math quiz
  4. 12:35 I have PD in house, supply comes in
  5. Digital Narratives: review q for responding, watch Ep 3 again, response to Qs
  6. if time watch ep 4
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym is technically now but it depends on Mr. Strath as to when we will do the high jump officially
  9. Ipads booked: start filming Fan Film

Friday June 2 D4
  1. Finish any math or history and start sexual health using the OPHEA materials
  2. BREAK
  3. Fan films! Double period to make your video! (finish?)
  4. BREAK
  5. If done, fan film screenings. (?)
  6. Watch any other Inanimate Alice episodes/life line choices and introduce student choice of creative activities
  7. LAPTOPS both last periods: get started on your creative activity!

Thursday June 1 D3 Ms K

Wednesday May 31 D2
  1. Math: probability games! theoretical vs experimental
  2. BREAK
  3. If needed, more math time.
  4. Digital narratives: chapter 3 of Inanimate Alice
  5. 12:30 Maclaren Art Visit! Creating art all afternoon!

Tuesday May 30 D1
  1. Finish ep 4 with stickee response on Parking Lot
  2. BREAK
  3. Math: create your probability game to be shared tomorrow!
  4. Digital narratives: next chapter of Inanimate Alice with activity
  5. BREAK
  6. Fan Film: preliminary research. DECIDE ON YOUR FILM CLIP!!! get started
  7. Gym: finish which ever is left over for track and field. 

Monday May 29 D5
  1. Watch start of episode 4 Story of Us: stickee response on Parking Lot
  2. BREAK
  3. Math: continue text book exploration & take it up
    1. watch the videos on theoretical vs experimental probability. 
    3.  Add definitions to your tool kit. 
  4. Digital Narratives: Inanimate Alice task
    1. re-watch the episode: each group has a question to respond to and present
  5. BREAK
  6. Gym: finish track and field! long jump/high jump
  7. Digital Narrative: finish anything from before; start Life Line story
Friday: grade 7s Geneva Park, grade 8 to Eastview playday (5$ admission, 5$ for lunch)

Thursday D3 Ms K

Weds May 24
Track and field all day

Tuesday May 23
Desk Change, Reminders, what's up, Fill out the Camp doodle sheet and give feedback
Read 15 mins
Math: start probability 
Mini mind up
More math
Digital narratives started
Track/field IF weather is ok
Health: worksheets from OPHEA *handin 

Monday 22 Victoria Day

Friday May 19 PD Day

Thursday: chillax! Prep a bit for grad. Track and field practice if you are not too tired. 

Trip! Mon-weds

Friday May 12 D1
  1. History
  2. BREAK
  3. Personal Reading
  4. History Exhibition
  5. BREAK
  6. Running to Extremes task #2
  7. Gym

Thursday May 11 D5
  1. History Ep 4
  2. BREAK
  3. Personal Reading
  4. Finish Math
  5. Laptops: History *exhibition is tomorrow!
  6. BREAK
  7. Gym
  8. Chapter 10 & task #1

Wednesday May 10 D4
Over half the class is at rugby SO we will be leaders in the school and help the school as a whole set up for the Showcase!

Tuesday May 9 Day 3 *Ms K

Monday May 8 Day 2 * supply teacher as I am outdoor ed pilot project PD
Personal Reading
Math Quiz
Chapter 9 (and 10, if time)
Laptops: history assignment
Art: vision board for Showcase Weds
Friday May 5 Day 1
  1. History finish ep 3 
  2. BREAK
  3. Math review
  4. Laptops: History Assignment 4 of 6
  5. BREAK
  6. Finish STEAM hats!
  7. Short Gym

Thursday May 4 Day 5
  1. art activity in the gym at some point! *gym is cancelled because it is in use all day
  2. History finish Ep 3
  3. BREAK
  4. Personal Reading & discuss
  5. Math review for quiz Friday
  6. 12:35 laptops for History 3 of 6
  7. BREAK
  8. Caribou Cup? or STEAM hats?
  9. If weather is good, we will have gym outside (track and field practice if field allows)

Wednesday May 3 Day 4
  1. History start Ep 3
  2. BREAK
  3. Chapter 8!!!
  4. Laptops 12:35 history assignment 2 of 6
  5. BREAK
  6. Caribou Cup (?)
  7. Extra gym period 5 to make up for lost ones tomorrow
  8. math review for quiz tomorrow

Tuesday May 2 Day 3 Ms K
  1. Congrats to all our SCDSB Slam Poem participants! Have a great day today!

Monday May 1 Day 2
  1. History assignment
  2. Face Time with Haiti! Team Broken Earth 
  3. BREAK
  4. Personal Reading & some math review
  5. 12:35 *supply while I do some high school transition stuff in house
  6. Finish text book math
  7. Assembly in the gym: Music Monday 12:50-1:15
  8. BREAK
  9. Laptops: start new history assignment 1 of 6
  10. Finish math if needed
  11. Read Aloud & note taking, if time.

Friday April 28 Day 1 *Mrs J gone to art symposium
  1. History Ep 2
    1. discussion: general comments, observations
    2. fill out 5W sheet and hand in
  2. BREAK
  3. Read anything 15 mins and discuss
  4. Assembly!
  5. BREAK *bus leaves at 1:45
  6. WR Best Dance--dress Tropical/Hawaiian! 

Thursday April 27 Day 5
  1. Debrief from yesterday and any left over presentations
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins & discuss
  4. Math: start 'solving for x'
    1. watch math vids for strategies
  5. Chapter 7
  6. BREAK
  7. Gym
  8. Outdoor Ed (art and mindfulness) with SCDSB guest Mr. Martin

Weds April 26 Day 4 
  1. Eastview guests: math!
  2. BREAK
  3. Art gallery set up
  4. Art gallery walk through & peer interviews
  5. BREAK
  6. Last of art gallery/start Slam Poetry Cafe
  7. Slam Poetry Cafe

Tuesday April 25 Day 3 Ms K

Monday April 24 Day 2 
  1. DV presentations
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins
  4. DV presentations
  5. Chapter 6
  6. BREAK
  7. Laptops: any last minute art printed off, start history
  8. Take up math then go outside!

Friday April 21 Day 1 
  1. History...finish the last 20 minutes of Worlds Collide
    2. Group questions! Discussion! Hand In responses with your names!
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. Math
  5. Mini Break
  6. More Math!
  7. Chapter 7 of Running to Extremes!
  8. BREAK
  9. LAPTOPS: history project 2 of 6
  10. gym

Thursday April 20 Day 5 *I'm away in the am but will be there in the pm
  1. History
    1. watch first 20 minutes of this video Worlds Collide to understand the context 
    3. Please respond to the google doc questions  *LAPTOPS available! submit google form!
    4. If time, introduce the new health assignment: read through this google slide
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. Math lesson: see google slide
  5. Mini Break *12:35 Mrs J returns!
  6. If needed, last DV presentations... OR
  7. Chapter 6! finally!
  8. BREAK
  9. Gym 
  10. Laptop Time...HISTORY research started! 1 of 6

Wednesday April 19 Day 4
  1. Dream Vacay presentations
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. More Dream Vacay presentations
  5. Mini Mind up
  6. Math! Next lesson started! 
  7. BREAK
  8. Art exploration! 2 of 2 periods! Prep for the art gallery next week (exactly one week!)
    1. ipad available for both periods
    2. Laptops available at 2:55 IF you find you need one for your art gallery project
    3. All items printed if completed please!! and put in your folder!!!

Tuesday April 18 Day 3 Ms K


Thursday April 13 D2 *ill, supply in, Dream Vacay presentations will have to be next week
  1. Free write with laptops option
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. History Intro: what we know, what we want to know chart 
  5. Free gym period! B ball or v ball as per usual
  6. BREAK
  7. LAPTOP: free work period for you to prioritize what needs your time and attention *last one!
  8. 3:20/3:30 Head outside for fresh air and exercise
Extras, if needed: and

Wednesday April 12 D1
  1. Dream Vacay presentations!
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. Math: lesson 4
  5. Mini Mind Up Break
  6. Finish math
  7. more DV presentation time if needed!
  8. Class read aloud if time
  9. BREAK
  10. LAPTOP time: free work period to prioritize what needs your time and attention 1 of 2
  11. Gym

Tuesday April 11 D5
  1. Dream Vacay Presentations!
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins and discuss
  4. Math: lesson 3
  5. Mini Mind Up Break
  6. Finish Math!
  7. more presentations if needed 
  8. Class read aloud if time
  9. BREAK
  10. Gym
  11. LAPTOP time: slam poem

Monday April 10 D4 *supply in today while I attend Outdoor Ed pilot project PD
  1. Art analysis: seriously, last round, I promise! see google slide show
  2. BREAK *supply, you have duty outside recess
  3. Read 15 mins & discuss
  4. Math: lesson 2 in algebra & patterning: making linear patterns! see google slideshow
  5. Mini Mind Up Break
  6. Finish math lesson!
  7. BREAK
  8. Laptops: slam poetry with Mrs C! 
  9. Such a nice day! Gym Outside!

Friday April 5 D3 Ms K.

Thursday April 4 D2
  1. Art: LAPTOPS: work session 4 of 4. That's all the class time for the written portion! Anything you still need to do will need to be completed on your own time. (Note: There will be 2 sessions next week for art exploration as regards the 'art creation' aspect of your art assignment.) 
  2. BREAK
  3. Read for 15 mins then discuss
  4. New Math: Algebra & Patterning
  5. Mini Mind Up
  6. More Math
  7. Read Aloud Chapter 7
  8. BREAK
  9. LAPTOPS: DV 8 of 8 presentations start next Tuesday!!!
  10. Community Walk: photo task.

Wednesday April 4 D1
  1. Art: LAPTOPS! work session 3 of 4. Finish bio and start that art analysis!
  2. BREAK
  3. Read for 15 minutes. Then discuss
  4. New Math: Algebra & Patterning
  5. Mini Mind Up
  6. More Math.
  7. Read Aloud Chapter 6
  8. BREAK
  9. Caribou Cup/Mind Up
  10. Gym: track and field if weather good, if not, then games in gym

Tuesday April 4 D5 *supply in for first half of the day while I'm at a math PD

  1. Math quiz prep: red/black card game, review study notes
  2. BREAK
  3. Read Anything for15 mins & then discuss
  4. Math: quiz.
  5. *I should be back by now
  6. Mini Mind Up Break
  7. Finish math quiz
  8. ART Analysis...if you are struggling and need some help, we will examine yours as a class and give you some ideas to get you started...
  9. Read Aloud: chapter 5 (?) if time...
  10. BREAK
  11. Gym: track and field if weather ok, if not, running clinic
  12. LAPTOPS, if needed: SLAM POEM 4 of 4 periods provided for group work. You present on FRIDAY!

Monday April 3 D4
  1. Art: further prep for writing the art analysis, looking at an essay example, co-creating one as a class (Serat): pick your painting please! Add to the list!
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins & then discuss
  4. Math: final review before tomorrow's quiz. Looking at IRL scenarios and matching those to the mathematical equations for integers. Red/black add/subtract card game. Doing a Mind Map.
  5. Mini Mind Up Break
  6. Looking at the Mind Maps
  7. Read Aloud: chapter 4
  8. BREAK
  9. Laptops: DV time *first presentations are next Tuesday!!! 7 of 8 provided
  10. Mind Up & then outside time

Friday March 31 D3 Ms K

Thursday March 30 D2
  1.  Wali Shah presentation (digital)
  2. LAPTOPS, if needed: Spoken Word Work Period Group Slam Poetry work period 2 of 4 
  3. BREAK
  4. STEAM Challenge! Mellow music!
  5. BREAK
  6. Finish STEAM Challenge! (?)
  7. Clean up! 

Wednesday March 29 D1
  1. Art: main ideas/prep for writing an art analysis for art research
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 min and discuss
  4. Math: add/subtract word problems, Grade 8 multp and divide Quiz Tuesday??
  5. Mind Up Mini Break
  6. More Math
  7. Art analysis/essay prep: looking at essay examples, feedback, returning AF essays
  8. BREAK
  9. LAPTOPS: DV #6 of 8
  10. Gym

Tuesday March 28 D5
  1. Art:  main ideas/prep for writing an art analysis for art research
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 min and discuss
  4. Math: add/subtract word problems, Grade 8 start multp and divide
  5. Mind Up Mini Break
  6. More Math
  7. Class Read Aloud
    1. task for Chapter 3
  8. BREAK
  9. Gym
  10. LAPTOPS: Art Research #2 of 4

Monday March 27 D4
  1. Art: our photos from our walk, up-cycle art example, more main idea art
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 mins/discuss
  4. Math: textbook and worksheet practice
  5. Mind Up Mini Break
  6. More Math: finish and take up answers 
  7. Class read aloud
    1. looking at student examples of excellent note taking!
    2. task for Chapter 2
  8. BREAK
  9. LAPTOPS: DV #5 of 8
  10. Mind Up

Friday March 24 D3 Ms K
Slam Poetry 1 of  4

Thursday March 23 D2
  1. Grad chat: what's the plan so far?
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 mins/discuss
  4. Math: integers continued-add and subtract
  5. Mind Up mini break
  6. Laptop time: art research! #1 of 4
  7. BREAK
  8. LAPTOPS: Dream travel presentation. day #4 of 8 Sign up for presentations/topics! Presentations April 11-13 
  9. Community photography mini art challenge & walk...
Wednesday March 22 D1
  1. new seating and desk clean
  2. Art
    1. Looking at art periods...which will you pick for your art assignment? Must sign up by Thursday. 
  3. BREAK
  4. Reading 15 mins/discuss
  5. Math: integer (add and subtract)
  6. Mind Up mini break
  7. New class read aloud/task for Chapter 1
    1. learning how to take notes! looking online at some strategies
    2. please take notes on KEY points as I read through so you can go back and remember the key points from each will need those at the end
  8. BREAK
  9. LAPTOP Time: Dream travel presentation prep time #3 of 8
  10. Gym

Tuesday March 21 D5
  1. Art 
    1. journals
    2. New ART assignment! See blog page for more details
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 mins
  4. Math: integer review (compare, sort, on a number line)
  5. Mind Up Mini break
  6. New Class Read Aloud/task: Intro and Chapter 1
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym
  9. Laptops Dream Vacay #2 of 8

Monday March 20 D4
  1. Welcome back! Check in, stories, slightly new schedule, be prepared for a community walk/art on Thursday, weather permitting, upcoming events/assignments, reminders etc. 
  2. BREAK
  3. Math: what we know about integers (see google slide show in sidebar)
  4. Mind up Mini Break
  5. New Class Read Aloud/task started 
  6. New assignment presented: Financial Literacy/Oral Language Presentation (aka Dream Travel)
  7. BREAK
  8. Laptops: start that Dream Travel assignment! You get 8 in class periods (this is #1) 
  9. Mind UP


Tues-Thurs before March Break
Finish AF essay
Wrap up Math (multiples, factors, GCF, LCM, prime factorization) *see google slide show in sidebar

Monday March 6 D4
  1. Check In, Winterfest, CA plans, essay feedback
  2. Prep for CA Exhibition
  3. BREAK
  4. CA Exhibition!
  5. Debrief
  6. BREAK
  7. Feedback circle on CA project
  8. Essay/laptops: use feedback to complete a final draft!

Friday March 3 PD DAY

Thursday March 2 D3 Ms K

Weds March 1 D2
  1. Finish Change Agent art!
  2. BREAK
  3. Assembly! Includes CA presentation by Bull Dog fitness & Bella
  4. BREAK
  5. Short presentations of Change Agent arts!
  6. LAPTOPS & Finish work time
  7. Essay *decent draft due end of day!
  8. Change Agent exhibition is MONDAY and this is your last chance in class with me (Mrs C has one more period of CA tomorrow).

Tuesday Feb 28 D1
  1. Math quiz on exponents/square roots
  2. Start multiples/factors: LCM, GCF, prime factorization 
  3. BREAK
  4. Read 15 mins
  5. More multiples and factors! 
  6. LAPTOPS: essay/CA time time
  7. BREAK
  8. Art Journals! Change Agent art challenge! Can be digital! (LAPTOPS) Due for last block Weds. Will be presenting.
  9. Gym

Monday Feb 27 D5
  1. Literacy: let's talk about Animal Farm & essay criteria
    1. essay, a good draft due end of day Weds!
  2. BREAK
  3. Guest presenters: Alzheimers Society
  4. If time,  math review for quiz tomorrow
  5. BREAK
  6. Gym 
  7. LAPTOPS: change agent/essay time

Friday Feb 24 D4 *Mrs J absent, supply
  1. Math: see google slide show on side bat for exponents square roots
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading 15 mins
  4. Discuss something interesting you read
  5. essay prep package: looking at 'voice' in an essay plus reviewing assessment checklists
  6. GYM
  7. BREAK
  8. Laptop Change Agents *exhibitions are in one week from Monday

Thursday Feb 23 D3 Mrs K
Gr 7 swimming

Weds Feb 22 Dd2
  1. Check In
  2. Math: reasoning & proving with square roots questions
  3. BREAK
  4. Silent read until 12
  5. Students go to zones. Mrs. Oliver's class joins us.
  6. LAPTOP TIME (essay, Change Agent etc)
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym
  9. French

Tuesday Feb 21 D1
  1. Check In: reminders etc
  2. Literacy: AF discussion (final) & essay prep in discussion groups
  3. BREAK
  4. Silent reading until 12 pm
  5. 12:00 Eastview visit and interviews *supply teacher
  6. Gr. 7's 
    1. 12-12:30
    2. Geography text book: page 64-72 All q's on 72. 
  7. 12:30-1:25 GYM
    1. Fitness centers OR volleyball OR basket ball or all three :)
  8. BREAK
  9. Animal Farm essay
    1. Choose your essay topic.
    2. Get in groups with other students who are writing on the same topic & discuss, brainstorm ideas (no note taking please, do not want all essays identical!)
    3. Write the draft of your AF essay. Please submit your google doc electronically by the end of the period. 
  10. extra Laptop time as needed: to catch up on AF and or Change Agent time

Monday Feb 20 HOLIDAY

Friday Feb 17 Day 5
  1. Officer Knox: Internet Safety @ 9:30
  2. Health response to presentation
  3. BREAK
  4. Silent reading until 12pm
  5. Math: Exponents and so on 
  6. CA Art started
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym!
  9. Change Agents: finish project please!
  10. Reports go home!

Thursday Feb 16 Day 4 OUTDOOR DAY
  1. Class Meeting to discuss ways to improve class community & behaviour
  2. Break
  3. AF discussion chapters 7/8
  4. New, smaller math unit: exponents, multiples, factors, sqaure roots
  5. Break
  6. Essay Writing 
    1. video
    2. Then watch TED TALK on Inprov Everywhere.
    4. On a stickee, write down the 'main idea' and I will use your idea to create an essay outline supported by evidence in the video
  7. Last period: OUTDOORS How does being outside in nature decrease stress? Health topic. 

Weds Feb 15 Day 3 Ms K
Boys B Ball leaves at 3:30

Tuesday Feb 14 Day 2
  1. Art Main Idea x 1 and then please finish your heart art. 
    1. Write main idea on a card. Hand in to Mrs. J. 
    2. Be prepared to present your art work after the break as we will use your art to play 'guess the main idea'!
  2. BREAK
  3. Presenting heart art
    1. can we guess your main idea based on your 'visual communication'
  4. Literacy: Animal Farm Discussion! Chapter 7 & 8
  5. CASI returned!
  6. BREAK: Optional, Dance in the gym over recess
  7. Change Agents: Bailey's mom is our guest to help us learn about a digital art tool. 

Monday Feb 13 Day 1 SNOW DAY Eastview Visit cancelled

Friday Feb 11 Day 5
  1. Check In: reminders/updates
  2. Starting Art response journals; Chane Agent art assignment introduced
  3. Some work returned
  4. BREAK
  5. Math quick review
    1. quiz
  6. GYM
  7. BREAK
  8. Guest speaker from GEEP: 2pm
  9. Change Agent projects

Thursday Feb 10 D4
  1. School speeches
  2. BREAK
  3. quick check in: CA update, gym switched to earlier time tomorrow, dance update
  4. Math-consolidation: math video and concept review THEN worksheet packages for practice
    1. GR 8 TOPICS: corresponding & supplementary angles, the angles in a triangle, angle relationships in parallel lines
    2. Gr. 7 TOPIC-types of triangles by definition, congruent vs similar
  5. Some Gr. 7s goe swimming
  6. Geography discussion based on research project: work returned.
  7. BREAK
  8. CASI returned and discussed
  9. Finish any math
  10. When swimmers back, making sure they are clear on the math!
  11. Oral Language: respond to TED TALK

Wed Feb 8 D3 Mrs K
*Gr 7 immunizations

Tuesday Feb 7 D2 SNOW DAY

Monday Feb 6 D1
  1. Math review: see geometry slide show
  2. BREAK
  3. Last two speeches and class vote
  4. Animal Farm Discussion 5&6
  5. Media analysis: main idea in 2 super bowl commercials!
  6. BREAK
  7. Change Agent CHECK IN! and tech if needed
  8. Gym: fitness challenge or cardio

Friday Feb 3 D5

Math:in classs open book task on material from yesterday
STEAM Challenge
STEAM challenge
Clean up and review of creations

Thurs Feb 2 D4

  2. more geometry 3D shapes continued and 2D shapes started
    1. Gr 7: types of triangles poster using toothpicks and glue: *hand in
    2. Gr. 8 strawbees: construct two of the five Platonic solids [i.e., tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron], and compare the sum of the numbers of faces and vertices to the number of edges for each solid.).*hand in
  3. BREAK
  4. Speeches!
  5. More math: finish above lesson and then start SEE GEOMETRY SLIDE SHOW IN SIDE BAR FOR FULL DETAILS
    1. congruent vs similar (gr 7), 
    2. types of angles and angle relationships involving intersecting lines (r 8)
    3. definitions, practice in  text book *once done, hand in!
  6. BREAK
  8. Change Agent work time: everything to be completed by month's end!!!
    1. I will be checking everyone with a check in ticket!

Weds Feb 1 D3 Mrs K
*some grade 7s swimming

Tuesday Jan 31

We need to go over some of the grad trip details ASAP!
10:15 assembly
Outside walk and talk: favourite Oro spot list
make list
Questions for our guest speaker
WORK TIME for speech writers, those that sill owe me geography, or Change Agnet or AF time
2:00 Guest speaker
LAPTOPS: Change Agent time

Monday Jan 30 *supply due to illness

  1. New French Teacher!
  2. Math: exploring geometry * See geometry slide show in the side bar.
  3. BREAK
  4. Independent reading 15 mins
    1. Chat about something interesting you read
  5. TED Talk response
    1. view TED TALK
    2. stickee 'why do people chose to get involved in Improv Everywhere'? put on class parking lot
    1. A few have not completed CASI or Thursday's math quiz. You will go to the office or the LC to complete this. 
    2. Others, work on anything you own me, make sure you are up to date on your Animal Farm (3&4), Health Art, Geography, or anything else. You can also choose this as Change Agent time
  7. BREAK
  8. Change Agent & button making!
  9. If time, gym (fitness challenge if time permits, OR a cardio class on the DPA page)

Friday Jan 27 PD DAY

Thursday Jan 26 D5 *supply as I am outdoor ed pilot project meeting

  1. Reminder: make sure you hand in what is due today!
  2. Math: quiz
  3. BREAK
  4. Read 15 mins
  5. Reading discussion: finding different POV 
  6. Responding to TED Talks (oral texts) * hand in
    1. Watch
    2. Stickee response on parking lot: list 3 things that cause videos to go viral
  7. 12:35 Laptop time/work period: finish anything due today, Change Agents OR Animal Farm
  8. BREAK
  9. Gym: Fitness Challenge continues!
  10. Change Agent (laptops)

Wednesday Jan 25 D4

  1. Tech: Learning how to use My Blueprint
  2. Math: conversions & general review for quiz tomorrow
  3. BREAK
  4. Writer's Cafe 
  5. *grade 7s go swimming
  7. BREAK
  8. Health: create a stress plan/kit *stress management video  *managing stress video
    1. Meditation
    2. Yoga
  9. Change Agent

Tuesday Jan 24 D3 Ms K

Monday Jan 23 D2

  1. Weekend Check In & Change Agent/Women's March
  2. Math: take up homework
  3. BREAK
  4. Read anything 15 mins
  5. Paired discussion: making a connection to what you are reading
  6. Animal Farm: Chapter 1 & 2 (*see discussion slide show on side bar)
  8. BREAK
  9. Math: Gr 7s more area of a trapezoid, Gr 8s volume of a cylinder
  10. Change Agent

Friday Jan 20 D1
  1. Math review of area, 
    1. Gr. 7s area of a trapezoid
    2. Gr 8s circle math in Tech room!
      1. math vids on my math blog
        1. Answer the question 'what is pi' after watching the video 'what is Pi?'
        2. Then watch area of a circle video,
  2. Steam introduced
  3. BREAK
  4. STEAM with media component
  5. BREAK
  6. STEAM
  7. Clean up, watch the media you created!

Thursday Jan 19 D5
  1. Clean desks, new seating plan
  2. Math: fraction tests returned, area of a triangle review, unit conversion charts
  3. BREAK
  4. Laptop time: finish work!
  5. Mini Math: unit conversions practice
  6. Writers Cafe: celebrating writing! your ideas, the ideas of others, Free Write
  7. BREAK
  8. gym: continue fitness challenge
  9. Change Agent project

Wednesday Jan 18 D4 SNOW DAY

Tuesday Jan 17 Day 3 Ms K (Snow Day)

Monday Jan 16
  1. MADD presentation 9:30
    1. Health response and discussion afterwards
  2. BREAK
  3. Math assignment:
    1. problem solving with area/volume of rectangular prisms 
  4. BREAK
  5. Guest speakers for change agents

Friday Jan 13 Day 1

  1. Math: real objects! New definitions in our tool kit, with formulas, looking at converting units, 
  2. BREAK
  3. Official CASI: you have two full periods to complete
  4. BREAK
  5. Change Agents/LAPTOP TIME, or, if needed, more CASI time
  6. Gym: start fitness challenge!

Thursday Jan 12 Day 5
  1. Intro to Geog and Health tasks
  2. Math: go outside on a math treasure hunt as a review of key concepts
  3. BREAK
  4. LAPTOP TIME: Geog, health, writing, 
  5. CASI prep. Reading story. Assigned group response: main idea, connection, perspective. 
  6. Looking at CLOSURE. Effective endings. 
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym (shortened today due to Snow Day catch up): 20 aerobics class
  9. Math: debrief treasure hunt, defintions into books, video review
  10. Last art element: shape
  11. Please pick a due date for your CA project

Weds Jan 11 Day 4 SNOW DAY!

Tuesday Jan 10 Day 3 Ms. K

Monday Jan 9 Day 2
  1. Welcome back!
  2. List 3 things that happened and hand in! Guessing game like in Sept!
  3. Random Dancing!
  4. BREAK
  5. Looking back/looking forward:
    1. Reviewing our story so far...
    2. Getting into groups! 
      1. Discussion: new years resolutions/goals/habits
      2. Class feedback: what's working, what's not 
    3. Our plan: Jan -March
    4. What's new in the class and on the blog!
      1. New assignments! yay!
        1. SKILL BREAK DOWN/HIGH SCHOOL PREP: Time Management/Planning/Organizing yourself: how will you manage your laptop/in class work time to accomplish your upcoming assignments?
        2. small group discussion & MAKE A PLAN!
  6. BREAK
  7. Stuff handed back! Feedback!
  8. LAPTOP time...your choice! how will you use this time! you have lots to do, so lets get cracking!


Thurs & Fri...
TBD It depends on how many people are here! :)

Weds Dec 21 D4
Discuss the day
GET OUTSIDE! Art Challenge
Come back in for lunch
Recess outside!
Stay outside! STEAM math challenge
Last time outside! Sit spots, writing challenge
Inside for fake fireplace & hot drinks!

Tuesday Dec 20 D3 Ms K

Monday Dec 19 D2
Check In
-work due
-this week/reminders
-caroling schedule
-real life math situation
STEAM media
Clean up!

Friday Dec 16 D1
Check In
Math quiz
Mrs B survey & Reading
Pixels and POV discussion
Dance in the gym with WR Best

Thursday Dec 15 D5


Weds Dec 14 D4
  1. Check In!
    1. Your weekend! Tomorrow! 
    2. Due dates and reminders re the next two weeks
  2. MATH
    1. Gr. 7: which one doesn't belong group answer
    2. Gr. 8: tech room for mult and division review
  3. Prep for STEAM middle block (?)
  4. BREAK
  5. STEAM with JK/SK! (?)
  6. BREAK
  7. If needed, more time.
  8. If not: ART
    1. quick main idea in art discussion!
    2. TEXTURE task 1:58
    3. Looking at the last element: space
      1. Ways to show space in 2D

Tuesday Dec 13 D3 Ms K

Monday Dec 12 D2
  1. SNOW DAY!

Friday Dec 9 D1 *I am at an art leadership PD for the morning only *see you in the afternoon

  1. Math: continue with add/subtract practice
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins
  4. Evaluate the student sample story provided
    2. Use the editing write trait checklist!
  5. LAPTOPS! Mini CASI and short story draft due Monday!
  6. BREAK
  7. Change Agents!
  8. Gym: v ball and yoga

Thurs Dec 8 D5 *normal day! Wahoo!

  1. Check In
  2. Math: continue with add/subtract practice
  3. BREAK
  4. Read 15 mins
    1. discuss a character from your book with a partner
  5. Whole class character creation! Inner/Out qualities. How plot and setting can come from character. 
  6. Evaluate the story(ies) provided. 
  7. BREAK
  8. Gym: OPHEA v ball lesson, yoga
  9. Change Agents Laptops

Weds Dec 7 D4 *I am at a all day math PD. A supply day again, sorry!

  1. Math: review videos for adding and subtracting and do text book practice: 
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 15 mins
  4. Read together. Evaluate the story provided. Decide in your groups what grade you would give it and why (based on Write Traits)
  5. LAPTOP time! Finish work! Short story draft! mini CASI! Change Agents!
  6. Break
  7. ART TASKS & Videos
    1. Task 1: Watch the videos for shape then do the task SUBJECT IS YOUR CHOICE
    2. Task 2: Watch the video for line, form and value then follow along and do the task in the video
    3. Task 3: If time, watch the video for texture: now divide your page into 6 sections and using various LINES create different texture sensations (he gives an example in the video at 1:58 approx). Each section should give the feeling of a different texture based on the lines used. EXPERIMENT!
    4. Open your book on your desk and take a gallery walk to see each other's creations. 
    5. If time, do observational drawing of person across from you
  8. If still time, do 10 mins cardio class in the class room (just stack the chairs to get them out of the way)

Tuesday Dec 6 D3 *Mrs K's usual day

Monday Dec 5 D2 *Mrs K is in as my supply!

  1. Mrs. K is running the show today!
  2. HOWEVER: 
    1. those who still need to do the math quiz from Friday need to do this today 
    2. and there is one LAPTOP period to work on your short story draft. 

Friday Dec 2 D1 *supply morning only

  1. Check In: Mrs J will be in at 12:35!
  2. Math Quiz
  3. If time, adding and subtracting fractions started. See videos on
  4. BREAK
  5. Read until called down to assembly
  6. 12-1 celebration assembly!
  7. Desk change, if time!
  8. BREAK
  9. Change Agent: Guest Speakers: Ani & Jeff, creating recycled art and photography as art!

Thurs Dec 1 D5 *supply
  1. *boys at intermediate v ball regionals! Good luck, guys!
  2. Check In
    1. since its a small group, we may help out on tasks around the school

  1. Math: last bit of math practice!
  2. BREAK
  3. Reading: 15 mins
  4. FREE WRITE with short story focus
    1. OPTIONS: 
      1. These are listed on this google doc
      2. You can also show this story prompter page to show a random prompt.
      3. Here's one more you can find a prompt at:
      4. Students choose from this list/prompt :10 minutes to write.
      5. Share
  5. CASI Q: Watch Pixles short film. 
    1. Response #1: on a stickee, write down what you think is the Main Idea and put it on the Parking Lot
    2. discuss...which one is the best?
    3. Response #2: on a stickee, write down whose perspective this story is told from and why you think the creator chose that perspective
    4. Discuss
    5. Now write a creative interpretation in your creative expressions book of the Pixels story but taking it from a different point of view.
  6. BREAK
  7. Gym: a game of volleyball
  8. LAPTOP Time: finish work time, student know what they have to doLogout, turn off & return tech, stack chairs in both rooms. 

Weds Nov 30 D4
  1. Check In: our presenters for today need to rebook. also looking at DUE DATES in DEC, assignments to be handed out FRIDAY
  2. Math: Mr. Strath small group, final whole class review before QUIZ Friday on equiv fractions, simplified fractions, mixed/improper conversions and SORT, ORDER & COMPARE fractions
  3. BREAK
  4. Reading 15 mins
    1. Narrative traits in what you are reading
  5. PLOT DEVICE! Apply CASI qs to film.
  6. mrs J. Zombie story
  7. BREAK
  8. Short Gym: 20 mins cardio
  9. Leadership Assembly gr 4-8

Tues Nov 29 D3 Ms K!

Mon Nov 28 D2

  1. Check In
    1. How was Friday?
    2. What's on Deck (new date for math quiz (FRI), guest speakers, CASI at home task, short story writing, writing handed back etc)
    3. Weekend x 3
  2. Math: ok, lets put it all together: SORT ORDER & COMPARE
  3. BREAK
  4. Read: 15 mins 
  5. Evaluating main ideas: which one is THE BEST of the ones we have collected?
    1. 4 corners discussion
  6. Perspective creative task (the one from Friday if not done, a new one if done)
  7. More Math: additional practice with sort, order, compare, add, subtract
  8. BREAK
  9. Geography round up! Let's finish this section. Will move onto a new area next week. 
    1. Let's review content. 
    2. Please fill out the reflection form & Hand In
    3. Let's look at the geog art results & I will provide verbal feedback.
    4. How this ties into Change Agent and our guests Wed & Fri
  10. If time, quick draws/art prompts/observational drawings
  11. If time, 10 min DPA cardio!

Fri Nov 25 D1*supply
  1. Math: continue with fractions review
    1. Review what a simplified  fraction is and how to find it. 
  2. Review also what a mixed number and an improper fraction are: 
  3. Then use the online worksheets to practice simplifying and conversion of mixed/improper. Show on the smartboard and students can solve in their workbooks. 
    1. Simplifying fractions sheet
    2. Mixed & Improper
      1. Worksheet #1 (Just the first two pages)
      2. Worksheet #2
  4. BREAK: supply hass duty first recess
  5. Personal Reading 20 mins TIMER
    1. Remind students what a narrative is: plot, character, setting. Ask students to volunteer a plot, character or setting from the books they are reading. 
  6. THEN: Short Story focus in Free Write Creative Expression will be on short stories, which we will be writing soon. 
    1. These are listed on this google doc
    2. You can also show this story prompter page to show a random prompt.
    3. Here's one more you can find a prompt at:
    4. Students choose from this list/prompt :10 minutes to write.
    5. Share
  7. CASI practice using short film narrative Octopi in Love.
    1. Show short film. Have a student give a quick summary of the story. 
    2. 1st stickee response: character traits with proof.   
      1. Students are to write their response on the stickee and put it in their place on the ‘parking lot’ 
    3. Second stickee. 
      1. Ask students to decide whose perspective this story is told from. Why is it told from this perspective? 
    4. In their Free Write books/docs again, write the Ocotpi in Love story from ANOTHER point of view.
    5. Share 
  8. BREAK
  9. Change Agents: 
    1. students have their own 2 do lists on the Change Agent page of this blog. See my notes re: who goes where to work. We have laptops and ipads booked.
  10. Gym: usual structure plus v ball practice see my notes

Thurs Nov 24 D5

  1. Math: mixed and improper review and practice
  2. BREAK
  3. quick free draw until out guest speaker arrives
  4. 12:00 guest speaker: Margaret from Simcoe County Greenbelt Coalition
    1. stickee: main idea of her presentation
    2. Mini STEAM: using found objects, create a composed photograph that demonstrates the main idea of this presentation
  5. BREAK
  6. Gym: 3 laps, yoga, super sets, V ball started (volleys)
  7. Change Agent: split into 3 areas (libary, tech room, our room) and work on your next steps, especially sources/stats

Weds Nov 23 D4
Check In
-expect a fraction quiz next week
-guest speaker tomorrow, last session on our geog topics
Math: continue fraction review how to simplify fractions (video, definition, practice)
V ball and B ball tournaments
Whoever is still here...
Art until 12:00
Gym play centers with JK SK until 12:35
Help with planning/idea brainstorming for next celebration assembly
Art prompts

Tues Nov 22 D3 Ms. K

Mon Nov 21 D2

Grade 8's to Eastview until 2:00 pm
Grade 7's with Mr. Strath (see below)
  1. Math: equivalent fraction 
    1. review what it is HERE
    2. Use online sheets to practice HERE and HERE If you need more go to the math blog
  2. BREAK
  3. Read 20 mins
    1. Discuss 3 narrative traits, as it pertains to the books students are reading (plot, character, setting)
  4. FREE WRITE, with a short story focus. See options HERE
    1. Share Free Writes
  5. CASI Q practice
    1. Watch short film Octopi in Love
    2. Using the stickee method, write out what you think is THE MAIN IDEA and post in the parking lot
    3. Mr. Strath to choose 3 different main ideas. He will read each one out. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? "No 1 is the best main idea."
    4. Using four corners, you can give your opinion of each. 
  6. BREAK
  7. Art
    1.  Observational drawing practice of people and objects
    2. LAPTOPS: look at the last 3 elements of design (value, texture, space) and apply them to your chosen art piece on your student blog. You should now have line, shape, colour AND texture, space, value. 
If time, do 10  mins cardio/power walk!

Fri Nov 18
Interviews in the am
PD day

Thurs D1 Nov 17

  1. Check In
    1. student conferences tonight and tomorrow!
  2. Math:
    1. continue with common denominator and equivalent fractions practice
  3. BREAK
  4. Little Mermaid
    1. 11:30 leave for Little Mermaid
    2. 1:50 return
  5. BREAK
  6. Gym in the gym! v ball started
  7. 2:55 CASI stickee response to the Little Mermaid 
  8. 3:00 book fair open for sales as needed
  9. CLEANING THE CLASSROOM & any remaining finished work be sure you check the checklist!!!

Weds D5 Nov 16
  1. Check In
    1. Mr. Strath to talk about student led assemblies
    2. dental screening
  2. BREAK
  3. Book fair preview with JK/SK! We are going to be helpers. 
  4. Change Agents: work on your next steps
  5. BREAK
  6. More math! Caribou Cup and add definition to your books, and do the equivalent fractions questions, 
    1. If done, finish art work etc. 
  7. GYM: New! In class cardio workout and chair yoga! See DPA page on the blog! 

Tuesday D4 Nov 15

  1. Check In
    1. weekend?
    2. writing
    3. week ahead
    4. book fair
    5. student conferences: please be there!!!
  2. Math: 
    1. go back to the data management material I handed back and look at level 4 work and responses
    2. finish the slide show review tasks!
  3. BREAK
    1. Read 15 mins
    2. Reading response: choose a familiar movie, book or song: what is the main idea? 
    3. CASI qs with film Plot Device
  4. Geography 
    1. Art response: review art criteria/ finish by end of period and hand in
  5. BREAK
    1. Finish STEAM from last week while I conduct the last 2 Change Agent interview
    2. Submit reflections questions and do the corresponding math task.
    3. Keep in mind: these will be on display Interview night/morning 

Monday D3 Ms. K

Friday D2 Nov 11

  1. Assembly 
    1. Prepare for assembly\
    2. 10:00 doors open
    3. 10:15-10:45 assembly
  2. BREAK
  3. Create and run play stations for JK/SK
  4. STEAM Project started
  5. BREAK
  6. Change Agents &
  7. STEAM project from last Friday

Thursday D1 nov 10

  1. Check In
  2. Math: continuing with slideshow tasks
  3. BREAK
  4. Remembrance Day Practice in the gym
  5. Writing Description & Art outside! ROCK activity
  6. Observational drawing
  7. BREAK
  8. Change Agents and GYM (stations outside)

Weds D5 Nov 9

  1. Check In
  2. Math: continue with slide show review tasks
  3. BREAK
  4. Read 15 mins 
  5. SHORT FILM Casi stickee response (main idea)
  6. Remembrance Day Practice in the Gym
  7. BREAK
  8. Change Agents with laptops & GYM (finish B ball)

Tuesday D4 Nov 8

  1. Check in
  2. weekend? writing? looking forward
  3. Math: 
    1. continue equivalent fraction review from last week  Math workbooks. Answer questions. Explain your reasoning! 
    2. New dictionaries. Math vocab! 
  4. BREAK
  5. Read 15 mins
    1. CASI q response
    2. SHORT FILM Casi stickee response (main idea)
  6. Remembrance Day Practice in the Gym
  7. BREAK
  8. Change Agent conferences with laptops
  9. GEOG documentary 

Monday D3 Nov 7 Ms K

Friday D2 Nov 4
  1. Check In
  2. Remembrance Assembly Planning
  3. BREAK
  4. STEAM Challenge!
  5. This task may go into next week! 
  6. BREAK
  7. 2:10 Change Agent conferences while a Change Agent related activity is in the tech room
  8. Math 
    1. New dictionaries. Math vocab! Write down what we have so far. 
    2. Return your ONAP results. Average for Gr. 7 = 64% Average for Gr. 8 = 57%
      1. what do these averages tell us?
      2. What are your next steps? 
      3. ONAP includes a letter home!  Please take this home. 

Nov 3 Thursday D1 *tulip planting at some point today
  1. Check In
    1. when do we finish our Remembrance Day prep?? Need to have a solid plan ready to go next week. 
  2. Math 
    1. Quick look at a level 4 math response from one of the quizzes. What I am looking for!!!
    2. Fraction equivalency review. Math workbooks. Answer questions. Explain your reasoning.
    3. BREAK
    4. Laptop time: Finish that writing, if you have not done so!!!
    5. Tulip planting 
    6. Art (observational drawing continued) and/or Remembrance Day discussion!
    7. BREAK
    8. Change Agents
    9. If needed, Remembrance Day Prep 
    10. Health Stickee Response (online safety/internet identity)

    Wednesday D5 Nov 2
    1. Check In
      1. points, new seating, new call out
    2. Math
      1. Starting fractions! Math outside. 
    3. BREAK
    4. Read 20 mins
    5. Short Film narrative CASI applications ('Hello')
      1. redo CASI q from yesterday as needed to make it better
    6. Art: more observational drawing with new sketch pads YAY!
    7. Math: Math video review, start vocabulary chart of definitions in class practice and review of foundational concepts outside
    8. BREAK
    9. Debrief the math
    10. Health outside: knowledge building circle at the rock circle regarding health curriculum topics...what should our first area of focus be? which topic seems to concern us?
    11. Change Agents: looking at art related to social/global/environmental issues. What is the main message? How are the elements of design used to communicate that message?
    Nov 1 Tuesday D4
    1. Check In
      1. -weekend? Halloween stories?
      2. -tomorrow new seating!
      3. -the week ahead
      4. -DUE DATES! Some students, there has been NO REVISION of your google doc. How is this possible with 3 class sessions? Better get on that! Also, have you done your art blog??? 
    2. Math
      1. -still missing a few bits of data management!!!! students with names on the board, please see me ASAP! Can't hand it back until all  pieces are in. 
    3. BREAK
    4. Reading 20 mins
      1. CASI q response
    5. Mr. Strath conversation
      1. Art: observational drawing with new sketch pads YAY!
      2. BREAK
      3. Knowledge Building Circle: planning Remembrance Day 
        1. we need a solid plan by the end of the day so I can let the other classes know!
        2. If time, use laptops etc to research, create media, etc. for the assembly

      Monday D3-Ms K
      *remember to dress for mess, you will be mask making!

      Friday D2

      1. Set up for Halloween Fun Fair
      2. BREAK
      3. Run Halloween Fun Fair
      4. BREAK
      5. Clean up Halloween Fun Fair

      Thursday D1 (*supply teacher)

      1. Math: do last two graphing stories on your sheets & HAND IN
      2. BREAK
      3. Reading 20 mins
      4. Creative Expression: FREE WRITE! See new options!
      5. Finish work: revise your writing & art blogs tasks (laptops) and/or finish those line pieces!
      6. BREAK
      7. Change Agents (laptops) with Mrs C
      8. Gym

      Wednesday D5

      1. Check In
      2. Math: 
        1. in class assignment (analyzing data: observations & inferences) HAND IN
      3. BREAK
      4. Reading 20 mins
      5. ART catch up! 
        1. Review elements so far! (line/shape)
        2. Next element is COLOUR! how does colour convey feeling/mood/message?
        3. Look at student's (from last year) piece!
          1. See how it is all adding up? Line + shape/form + colour.... all have a mood/feeling/message and contribute to an overall effect
          2. If we have our sketchbooks, break one page into 3 sections and reproduce your chosen artwork as line/shape/colour
          3. Art Blog Post: review adding a picture in blogger!
            1. Now add shape/form and colour to your analysis of your chosen painting, edit a peer's entry (and vice versa) and fix any errors in your own so this is publishable and proper for the public to view! (for example, your parents)
      6. BREAK
      7. Gym
      8. Guest speaker: Ray Ryan will be in to help us plan Remembrance Day

      Tuesday D4
      1. Check In
        1. Review STEAM challenge details from Thursday 
        2. How was your weekend? 
        3. Halloween Fun Fair...what else do we need?
          1. speakers to visit the classes to remind them on Weds/Thursday?
        4. Remembrance our plans!
          1. lets finish the Eva Olson video today please!
        5. New seating plan coming up, please submit your preferences!
        6. What this week looks like...another short week! 
        7. E and S, I need to see you about your writing sample! C, M and S, I need to see you about your math tasks!
      2. Math: 
        1. Review Observations/Inferences for in class assignment tomorrow! You have 2 assignments left for Data Management! They will be done by the end of this week. 
      3. BREAK
      4. Read 20  mins
      5. Response Journals: Find examples of good writing in what you are reading!
        1. Look at Level 2-4 examples, look at a former student's example, use stickees to provide feedback
      6. Look at Mrs J's zombie story...again, use the writing traits to assess!
      7. If time, outside for Writing Sensory task...
        1. BREAK
        2. Writing: you will get your writing samples back with feedback in google docs
          1. Please improve them! You will have 3 in class periods. Due Date for final copy: FRIDAY NOV 4. 
        3. Change Agents (laptops)
        Monday D3 = Ms. K

        Friday Oct 21
        PD DAY

        Thursday Oct 20 D2
        1. Check In
          1. lots to hand out! field trip forms, newsletter, etc
          2. decision re: class trip in May...
          3. reminder from Ms. K!!!!
        2. Intro to STEAM challenge...this time, you will need to make a STEAM video
        3. BREAK
        4. Do the STEAM challenge
        5. BREAK
        6. Finish the STEAM challenge
        7. by 2:55 make sure everything is clean and we can watch our STEAM videos!

        Wednesday Oct 19 D1
        Most of class is at football! :) Mrs. Oliver's class will join us. Lets work on our leadership activities: Halloween Fun Fair and Remembrance Day. Also, help out in organizing the Tech Room.

        Tuesday Oct 18 D5
        1. Check In
          1. Group points? Prizes?
          2. Halloween Fun Fair & Nov 11: making plans! 
          3. STEAM Thursday!
        2. Math
          1.  math quiz!
        3. BREAK
          1. creating your own graphing stories media piece! Look at the sample and create criteria checklist. What does yours need to have?
        4. Media/Math: 
          1. Creating graphing stories video outside this entire middle blog. Upload to youtube.
          2. If time, finish the last two graphing stories on the website!
        5. BREAK
        6. Change Agent: continue with research and planning. FINAL PLAN IS DUE FOR CONFERENCING November 3.  
        7. Gym: the usual (yoga, super sets, b ball related drills, game)

        Monday Oct 17 D4
        1. PICTURE DAY!
        2. I suspect because of flag football tournament at noon, we will have our pictures done early in the day.
        3. STEAM is this Thursday!
        4. If time, take up CASI math.
        5. If time, look at graphs and observe/infer
        6. If time, short math quiz
        7. Noon: flag football team leaves
        8. Whoever is left? We will be a tech team for the afternoon. 

        Friday Oct 14 D3 Ms K

        Thursday Oct 13 D2
        1. Check In
          1. yesterday? How did it go?
          2. Halloween Fun Fair & Remembrance Day Plans
        2. Math
          1. Finish CASI results
        3. 10:35: lunch
        4. 11:00 bus for Eva Ollson presentation
        5. 1:00 bus to return
        6. 1:25 BREAK as per usual
        7. 2:05 Walk & talk outside: Talking about the presentation: questions, concerns, comment
        8. 2:15 going outside/art/writing (description)
          1. review line & now shape/form as next element. Connect 3 key shapes to mood. 
            1. VIDEO:
          2. sit spot
          3. grab something to sit on, something to write on and a pencil...on the back of the sheet, write: sight, sound, taste, touch, smell
          4. find a sit spot AWAY from others. You will have ten minutes of sit time. I will blow the whistle to tell you to return. 
          5. *quick* sketch your view. Use line and shape. 
          6. When completed, we will head into the class to quickly colour in our sketches. Post sketches on the wall. 
        9.  Hopefully, if there is time left, we can finish line art from AGES ago! Submit with ticket!
          1. if done, add a ticket for shapes/form 

        Wednesday Oct 12 D1 *Mrs. Oliver will be in on my behalf as I go to cross country
        1. Math: 
          1. graphing stories
            1. hand out sheets
            2. Show height video (ball off ground)...students need to translate the real life event into a make sure to stop it before it shows 'the answer'!
            3. Students individually fill out and hand in their interpretation using the sheet provided! *make sure your names are on it! 
            4. If time, do another one (balloon)
        2. DPA Random Dancing! See blog post for music options. 
        3. BREAK
        4. Personal Reading 20 mins: use the online timer
        5. Free write options! Choose something you haven't done yet from the THREE chart papers we have already created
          1. 10 mins of writing in your google doc or folder called Creative Expression
          2. Students share results! 
        6. Finish Just Eat It. (laptops & ipads)
          1. This food waste documentary streams for free online. There is about 1/2 hour to go. We left off at 50 mins in approx (so maybe restart at 45). 
          2. Using laptops/ipads as needed, there is one more google form for students to submit! It is on the class blog. Students should know where to find it. 
        7. If needed: 
          1. students can finish their CASI data analysis (chart paper etc is on  my desk) (Also, it is on my blog's home page in a blog post)
          2. math textbook practice: see stickees on textbooks for details
        8. BREAK
        9. Change Agent Project (laptops & ipads) *related chart paper is posted in the tech room!
          1. As discussed yesterday:
            1. Start researching! Start planning!
            2. USE YOUR TIME WISELY!!!
        10. GYM: outside (flag football?) or inside
          1. If inside: students run 3 laps, meet in the middle for yoga stretches, then separate class into thirds: one corner is situps, one corner is push ups (can do wall push ups), one corner is squats. Rotate through for 30 secs in each corner. Then see OPHEA basketball activities on the clipboard. 

        Tuesday Oct11 D5
        1. Check In
          1. How was your weekend?
          2. It's reboot day! prizes & frequency tables :)
          3. Looking ahead: Halloween and Remembrance Day
        2. Math: 
          1. looking at instagram and ALL THE MATH OUTSIDE!
          2. the graphing stories from last week! Lets take a look!
          3. reviewing vocab/mean/median/mode...are we ready for a quiz on these items? How about next Monday?
        3. DPA Random Dancing!
        4. BREAK
        5. Read 20 mins
          1. Good writing analysis of what you've read
        6. Math: Finish the CASI analysis! and review it!
        7. Writing: Looking at Level 1-4 samples for grade 7-8: 
          1. students review/rank/decide on qualities of good writing
          1. BREAK
          2. Gym: 
            1. the usual yoga, supersets, b ball drills, game
          3. Change Agents: 
            1. mapping out planning options on chart paper, 
            2. looking at researching actions taken
            3. planning and research pages handed out *you will need these tomorrow!

          Friday Oct 7 D4
          1. Check In
            1. How did Weds go? A bit about what I did on Weds... 
            2. New session on the schedule! OUTDOOR ED
          2. Student Survey: math
          3. LET'S GO OUTSIDE!
            1. walk & talk in the yard: what do you associate with 'the outdoors',  chalk board discussion, find math photo for instagram OUTSIDE!
          4. BREAK
          5. Read 20 mins
          6. Class read aloud: THE EAGLE & reading response in creative expression
          7. Math: mean median, mode review 
          8. Graphing stories review
          9. BREAK
          10. Blue Jays in the gym! Enjoy the outdoors! Visual Arts rescheduled for next time. 

          Thursday Oct 6 D3 Ms K

          Wednesday Oct 5 D2 *supply teacher

          1. Check In
            1. review class routines and rules with students
          2. Math Task 1 
            1. graphing stories activity as a whole class, in pairs, please hand in 
            2. if time, individual, please hand in once completed
          3. BREAK
          4. Read 20 mins
          5. Creative Expression: free write! see options on chart paper
          6. Math: 
            1. Review mean/median/mode vidoes on math blog
            2. List definitions and examples/whole class
            3. Find the mean, median, mode for all 8 CASI data points (the 8 questions). Write up in your new math workbooks
            4. If time, text book practice! Mean, median, mode. Data analysis!
          7. BREAK
          8. Change Agent/Geog: Just Eat It! Documentary
            1. Laptops booked, watch film, fill out google for, submit
          9. EXTRAS if needed: go outside to enjoy the weather/free time, start class read aloud 'skeleton creek'. 

          Tuesday Oct 4 D1

          1. Check In
            1. Tomorrow, a supply and also switching Fri/Wed day plans
          2. Math: 
            1. using the math terminology while looking at some new graphs! 
            2. observations vs inference fill out sheet
          3. BREAK
          4. Read 20 mins
          5. Response journals: find an example of good writing
          6. Looking at good writing: level 1-4 for grade 7/8
          7. BREAK
          8. Change Agents: planning phase
          9. Gym (similar to yesterday)

          Monday Oct 3 D5

          1. Check In
            1. Group points, new seating, new group names!
            2. review data management assessment tasks this month!
          2. If time: Little bit of CASI math!
          3. BREAK
          4. Read 20 mins
          5. CASI q for reading response journal 
            1. (1st sentence, good? y/n)
          6. CASI returned, 
            1. fill out letter & hand in so I can photocopy, 
            2. file CASI in your portfolios
          7. Little bit of CASI math! 
            1. observations vs inferences 
            2. mean median mode (math workbooks handed out)
          8. Media analysis: PSAs using our criteria to assess!
          9. BREAK
          10. Change Agents
          11. Gym: actual gym in the gym! 
            1. Yoga, super sets, B Ball check list prep

          Friday Sept 30 D4

          1. Check In
          2. Math: create math portfolios, review terminology/vocal in context of graphs we've seen already, white board observation/inference
          3. Break
          4. Read-20 mins
          5. Free write: 15 minutes
          6. Mr Strath visit: talkinga bout classroom community
          7. A brief look at the CASI
          8. Break
          9. Mission Blue wrapped up!
          10. extra Gym period

          Thurs Sept 29 D3 Ms K

          Weds Sept 28

          1. Check In
          2. Math: observations & inferences more examples, fill in sheet(s) and submit
          3. BREAK
          4. Read 20 min
          5. Creative response to reading in creative expression journal
          6. Math: QR Code treasure hunt of math terms for data management! Fill our class chart.
          7. BREAK
          8. Art!  
            1. Quick line slide show.  
            2. Continue to look at examples of line to determine how lines are used to create emotion/mood/feeling
            3. BLOG ROLL: choose a piece of art from the options listed, insert picture into your blog post and in that blog post describe the lines used AND what emotion they convey.
            4. OPTIONS: Starry Night (Van Gogh)Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies (Monet)the Scream (Edvard Munch)
            5. Look at the blog posts!
            6. Make art: continue to make lines, fill out 'ticket' and submit. 

          Tuesday Sept 27

          1. Check In: ONAP, CASI returned Friday & Monday, 
          2. Math: observations & inferences using examples, Graphing Stories in reverse! based on the graph, can we infer what is happening?
          3. BREAK
          4. Read 20 mins
          5. CASI Q: good first sentence? do in your response journals, choosing from 3 options provided, share responses
          6. Media: finish establishing criteria for good media, looking at commercials! Old Spice. Five Alive.
          7. Change Agents: last examples, looking at global goals ''the largest lesson'
          8. Gym: outside, various choices/stations

          Monday Sept 26

          1. Check in: how was your weekend?
          2. Introducing: STEAM CHALLENGE!
          3. BREAK
          4. Get started!
          5. 1:40 to the gym for trials
          6. 2:30 back for clean up & debrief

          Friday Sept 23 D4

          1. Check In: new on the blog, Monday is STEAM
          2. Math: 
            1. Charting the MI data
            2. Looking at math responses from Weds: observations and inferences!
          3. DPA: Random Dancing!
          4. BREAK
          5. Reading 20 mins!
          6. First lines & titles! What makes it 'good'? (CASI Q)
          7. Media: lets finish our critieria! Commercials! PSAs! How this relates to Change Agnet Project!
          8. BREAK
          9. Geography/Health/History: these topics will connect to Change Agent choices and we will rotate through the content (rather than focusing on one one term, one the other, though in the case with History/Geography, only one gets assessed each term)
            1. GEOG: Sustainability: documentary Mission Blue & google form discussion questions on computers/ipads 

          Thursday Sept 22 D3 Ms K

          Wednesday Sept 21 D2
          1. Check in
          2. Next ONAP math q (last one!)
          3. BREAK
          4. reading! look at first sentences
          5. Graphing! MI data from last week. Lets look at it and analyze the data!
            1. Observations & inferences
            2. Start math folders
          6. DPA Random Dancing
          7. BREAK
          8. Art: 
            1. what is art? whiteboards and group discussion
            2. principals and elements of design started: examining LINE
            3. start ART task: any type of art to demonstrate LINE with a short 'ticket' explanation attached that explains what feeling or emotion your depiction of that element conveys
            4. submit art task to the gallery with ticket

          Tuesday Sept 20 D1

          1. check in
            1. music ideas for random dancing? see the list
          2. next 5 ONAP math qs
          3. DPA Random dancing
          4. BREAK
          5. writing sample: life event description piece, 60 mins
          6. If done early, finish blog peer editing or any math
          7. More media analysis! commercials!
          8. BREAK
          9. Change Agents: continue looking at examples
          10. Gym: outside again, its lovely weather!

          Monday Sept 19 D5
          1. Check in
          2. Group points reboot and reward
          3. Next 5 ONAP questions
          4. DPANrandom dancing!
          5. BREAK
          6. Personal reading-20 mins
          7. 3 traits of a narrative inside outside circle discussion
          8. Media study: determining criteria, next music video analysis X 2, commercial X 2, discuss purpose, audience, and start to refine criteria
          9. Break
          10. Change agents! Continue looking at examples.
          11. Gym outside? 

          Friday Sept 16 D4

          1. Math: depnding on how many are here :) another graphing story puzzle to solve
          2. Break!
          3. 11:30 Leave for oro fair

          Thurs Sept 15 D3-Ms K

          Wednesday Sept 14 (D2)
          1. Math: continue graphing stories discussion from last time (zip line)
          2. BREAK
          3. Math: first 5 ONAP assessment quesitons
          4. Finish Oro Art! Prep for ORO Fair!
          5. BREAK
          6. Tech Time; make sure I have your blog link, please peer edit your assigned blog and provide feedback on a stickee, make corrections as needed based on your stickee feedback
          7. Please finish all ORO art! And properly tag it!
          8. Assembly: practicing Oro Fair parade with Mr. Strath

          Tuesday Sept 13 (D1)
          1. Math: intro to data management, graphing stories task!
          2. BREAK
          3. CASI reading assessment both periods, if needed
          4. Please finish ORO ART! Tag it!
            1. BREAK
            2. Change Agent continued: fill out Multiple Intelligences survey to discover your preferred areas of interest, ensure a copy of results is in our shared google drive file AND
            3. Tech Time:  Blog Roll Finish your blogs/send me the link. Peer edit stickee responses. Please fix as needed! 
            4. Finish ORO ART please!
            5. Mrs. Strath to discuss Oro Fair leadership/ideas

            Monday Sept 12 (D5)
            1. Weekend check in
            2. STEAM debrief: lets look at the footage and discuss our observations
              1. what is the purpose of this activity?
              2. what was your experience?
              3. what did you observe in the video?
            3. New on the blog: the schedule. 
            4. Photo Challenge! Results and the next one: due this Friday!
            5. DPA: Random Dancing!
            6. BREAK
            7. Personal Reading for 20 mins
              1. Stickee parking lot: example of effective writing in what you just read
              2. Start to create criteria: what is effective writing?
              3. 4 corners: the purpose of fiction narratives are...
            8. Media analysis: music vid, discuss media form 
              1. Was this an effective piece of media? why or why not
              2. Start to create criteria: what is effective media?
            9. finish Oro art!
            10. BREAK
            11. GYM: if nice, we will go outside, if not, we will go to the gym
            12. Start Change Agent project with Mrs. C

            Friday Sept 9 (D4)

            1. 5 top 5
            2. Review from Weds: check out photos, look at blogs, need more DPA songs...
            3. Prep for STEAM which starts after the break
              1. Learning Skills self assessment
            4. DPA: Random Dancing!
            5. BREAK
            6. Start STEAM challenge
            7. BREAK
            8. Wrap up STEAM for 2:55
            9. Debrief! Learning Skills self assessment ticket out the door related to the STEAM task
            10. Outside and then Community Circle!

            Thurs S8 (D3)

            Weds Sept 7 (D2)
            1. Housekeeping items: Need a call back, finish seating plan, class schedule coming soon
            2. 5 top 5!
            3. Look at Photo Challenge photographs posted
              1. Discuss any issues
              2. Next challenge! Due Friday.
            4. Change Agent Long Term Task Review
              1. 4 corners Discussion
              2. Look at the Assignment on the blog
              3. Sept = exploration, brainstorming!
            5. DPA: Random Dancing!
            6. BREAK
            7. Finish talking about Change Agent
            8. Review Oro Fair Tasks #1 & 2
            9. TRIBES Cooperative activity-two on a crayon.
            10. Tech Time: 
              1. Go to blogger, create account, use your email, create a blog name: NOT personal, do not use your name or full name
              2. Write a blog post: TOPIC: Welcome to my blog! 
              3. MAKE IT LOOK GOOD! Consider spelling, capitals, punctuation. 
              4. EMAIL ME THE LINK!
              5. If time, create a student instagram if you want one
            11. Work on Oro Fair tasks
            12. Checkmark your name if tasks are completed!
            13. BREAK
            14. LAPTOPS 
              1. Finish blogging
              2. Create a student instagram if you want one: again, create a user name that is NOT personally identifying
              3. Make sure any passwords you need to remember are in the 'locked box' if you choose
              4. make sure to check mark any finished tasks on the check list!
            15. School Art (still life) 
              1. 4 corners, 
              2. then using these items, respond to my Q
              3. Gallery & discussion
            16. Finish work time: oro art

            Tues Sept 6 (D1)
            1. Meet and greet outside
            2. Mr. Strath shares a few words...and a creative request!
              1. Make a plan to respond to that request! Put plan into action!
            3. If time after that...
              1. Who is Mrs. J? Who are you? 
              2. 5 things about you guessing game: get started!
              3. DPA: A little bit o random dancing....
            4. LUNCH RECESS
            5. Assembly: present our response to his creative request
            6. Laptops: lets get online
              1. Email: prove you know email: email me one sentence (or more) about your summer!
              2. Student interest survey to fill out!
              3. When done, Class Blog Treasure Hunt!
            7. LUNCH RECESS
            8. 5 Top 5 Things About You Guessing Game
            9. Explain Class Instagram Art Gallery Page & Photo Challenges
            10. Finish Laptop Tasks
            11. Letters to go
            12. Gym-ish...Lets go hang out outside if the weather's nice...

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