Sunday, 17 April 2016

We're movie stars! LOL

My class was showcased in a SCDSB video!

It shows one of our STEAM design challenges! 

This is the link to the youtube video if you'd like to see us!


Well, it took awhile but FINALLY all of our calendars match up.

My iPad calendar, the office master calendar, the classroom calendar in the room, the list on the sidebar AND the google calendar on the blog page are now finally all saying the same thing.

The next few months are pretty jam packed with events!

By the way, did you notice is now says... GRAD! and LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Of course there are still assignments to be completed and those due dates will be added once will our next STEAM May/June events.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Romeo & Juliet Essay Qs are on the blog!

We are 1/3 of the way through Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet! (In other words we have finished Act 1).

Students were keen to know the upcoming essay topics so I have created a page on the blog listing potential topic ideas! Look at the tabs above to find it!

Of course, we still need to finish the play and the essay is not yet officially assigned!

We are not reading every word, though we are examining several key sections of the text (provided by me in handout). But we are covering in detail the events of the play.

The full text is online (linked to my Shakespeare page) should you care to check it out!

Also keep in mind students will be acting out a scene of their choice. (Don't worry, you will not be required to memorize your lines! But you will need to emote, be in character, add expression to your words, use props, etc)

More on that later!

Monday, 11 April 2016


Starting soon... COMMUNITY WALKS!

The nice weather is here (soon?) and we will be spending at least one period Friday OUTSIDE WALKING. (If Friday is a PD day or holiday, we will do it on Thursday).

So please come prepared to be outdoors for at least half an hour.

We will go walking no matter the weather (unless it is a) pouring rain or b) raining horizontally). So make sure you are ready to go!

Proper footwear!

Proper clothing to keep you either warm, dry, cool, whatever the case may be that day!

Sunscreen, hats, as we get to sunnier, warmer days!

The purpose of this activity is to get some exercise, spend time in nature, chat and bond together as a class community. We are getting closer to grad, you guys...soon, you will be going off to your next journey!

Mrs J.