ART RESEARCH & TASK: due April 26 for our exhibition/art gallery

STEP ONE: Choose an artist.

STEP TWO: Research the following items:
    1. On ONE google doc/printed page:
      1. Birth, birth place and (if applicable) death
      2. Period of art this artist is associated with and a definition of that art period (ie: impressionism, cubism, etc), particularly as it connects to the social-political-historical context
      3. Top 5 key events in their life, in a list
    2. On SECOND google doc/printed page
      1. 3 most famous works (titled, dated, with pictures)
    3. On THIRD google doc/printed page
      1. An analysis of ONE famous work (with an accompanying picture)
      2. Make sure your analysis includes
        1. what, in your opinion, is the main message of this work
        2. how the elements of design are used to convey this message
STEP THREE: Create an artwork in a similar artistic style. 
NOT a reproduction! Your own work, but in their style. Give your artwork a title/name.

STEP FOUR: Exhibition
Your artwork and your research will be posted at our ART GALLERY taking place along with our Spoken Word Cafe on April 26

Please create your research piece digitally. Please no handwritten text.

*Four periods dedicated to this task: any additional work to be completed in your own time. 

-effective art analysis/essay (clear main idea, uses elements as evidence to support argument, aim for complex interpretations)
-effective writing (clear idea, easy to follow, title/subtitles, striking voice, specific, reads smooth, includes all components)
-effective art technique (what you create clearly relates to artist's content/style)

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