GEOGRAPHY #2: Migration, Population, Land Use

1. Migration 

Why do People Migrate?
This is Why People Migrate (PLEASE NOTE THE DATE: 2013! There are more current stats for this we will look at later)

ISSUE: immigration policies, refugee crisis

2. Population Density

ISSUE: Megacities, Overpopulation, Resource Distribution, Sustainability

Overpopulation (How did we get to 7 billion people?) (as of 2011)

The Megacities of 2050 (youtube)

Top 10 Fastest Growing Mega Cities (youtube)

Megacities & Urbanization: Case Study in Bangladesh (youtube)

Article: Megacites and Climate Change

Interactive Map: Megacities (interactive map)

3. Land Use & Development

Land Development: oro medonte map compared with Toronto compared with Vancouver and compared with NYC 

ISSUE: Relationship to Megacities, resource distribution, sustainability


 Geo task: art-ivism! 

Choose a global issue (migration, population, and land use) and create an artistic  interpretation. 

Some examples showing how art/media interprets and issue/message: 


Media/Art Interpretation:
  • clear idea, linked to a human settlement issue
  • representation is thoroughly executed
  • representation uses media/art techniques effectively

Write Up:
  • includes all points
  • clearly linked to an issue connected to human settlement
  • clear communication
  • effective interpretation
    • understands the issue
    • uses art/media techniques to create meaning

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