Current Learning Focus/Goals

Goals for MARCH-JUNE
  • use essay format to critically analyze a media piece (a review: why is it 'good' or effective?)
  • using feedback, revise essay and resubmit
  • poetry/lyrics
  • slam poetry with Mrs. Czarnota
  • letter writing (cards/postcards/art)
  • Writer's Cafe: responding tovarious writings (based on CASI questions)
  • analysis of poems and lyrics
  • continue personal readings, now any format
  • class read aloud TBD
  • debate 
  • partnered oral presentation on Dream Vacation
  • slam poetry presentation
  • partnered art presentation
  • continue to review criteria for effective media by looking at various samples (what makes a media piece 'good'?)
  • fan film
  • media slideshow for Dream Vacay presentation
  • algebra & patterning, 
  • numeracy (percents, decimals, ratios, money, shopping!)
  • numeracy (integers)
  • bits and bobs (a bit more geometry)
  • student choice, outside as much as possible
Visual Arts
  • artist research project, 
    • research an artist
    • present media component and 
    • create art in the artists style
    • explain how it is their style
  • continue to review criteria to assess art: what makes art effective or 'good'?
  • continue art response journals
  • health art, history art


  • managing stress & sex ed

  • art project based on historical studies
  • research project
Learning Skills:
  • reviewed and assessed during STEAM challenges & general class tasks

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