Monday, 12 June 2017


Plans for the grade 8 graduation are underway!

Here are some of the confirmed details!

DATE: Tuesday June 27
TIME: Grad ceremony 5:30-6:30    Grad reception at the school 6:30-7:00

Cake and drinks will be provided at the reception.

There is no limit to bringing guests to grad as we presume with only 12 grads we won't fill up the gym.
But I am cautioning students to really just bring those closest to them

Our MC's for the evening are Grade 7 students Myla and Hailey and they are already practicing their script. We also have grade 7 students helping with handing out pamphlets and managing the tech.  Baily, another Grade 7 student, has graciously devoted her time to create an awesome looking program pamphlet.

The students voted on the theme for grad and it is Hollywood at Night! The grad art team is starting now to create the artwork for this event. They are very dedicated and organized and it's going to look fantastic! 

Valedictorians have been determined by voting and there was a tie so there are 3: congratulations Kendra, Cy, and Ellie! They have started speech writing. 

The Baby photos slide show is getting underway. Students, bring in your baby and toddler photo ASAP!

Any after ceremony events (after 7pm) are to be determined by parents/students and are organized and supervised by the parents involved.

It is up to the parents coordinating these events to provide the necessary information to the invitees. (such as contact details, etc)

I will gladly help pass out any information or invites but, unlike in years past,  I am not involved in any after event planning for events past 7pm.  This is per SCDSB regulations. So any questions about those events will have to go to whoever is planning those events.

As regards any after events, parents will be responsible for picking up/dropping off their children to any after event. (In other words, no school bus provided as in years past).

GRAD SET UP AND PRACTICE**June 22 as long as baseball tournament raindate isn't needed. If June 22 turns out to be baseball, we will hold practice on Monday June 26
On Thursday June 22 starting at the middle block we will be setting up for grad and doing a dress rehearsal. All graduates are asked to attend as this is our ONLY dress rehearsal. Participation is mandatory. If you have a special pair of shoes you would like to 'wear in' you are more than welcome to bring them to this practice!

Graduates are asked to arrive by 5:15 at the latest and to meet in Mrs. Cumming's room. We enter in a processional after all guests are seated in the gym. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Mrs J

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