Saturday, 16 March 2013


In Math, just before the break, we started studying integers (positive and negative numbers). We started with determining where integers are in real life (golf, below/above sea level, debit/credit with money, temperature, latitudes and longitude etc) then moved on to placing integers on a number line and deciding which was greater or less than. Our next focus is adding and subtracting integers. This can be quite tricky. I thought I would post some support material for students in the area of integers, such as:

1. This is an excellent video series that shows ADDING INTEGERS WITH COUNTERS AND NUMBER LINE and SUBTRACTING INTEGERS WITH COUNTERS AND A NUMBER LINE. We learned these methods in class.

 2. This is also an excellent youtube video that walks through the steps of both addition and subtraction of integers using real world contexts.

3. Also, just for fun...a muscial interpretation to help students remember the addition/subtraction process for integers. Once you know which operation you need to do (add or subtract) you then know which direction to move on the number line (add goes right or up, subtract goes left or down).

4. The Khan Academy site has numerous explanatory videos to help understanding in a wide variety of math topics. Here are two videos pertaining to integers.

Example: Adding integers with different signs: Adding integers with different signs

Why Subtracting a Negative Equivalent to Adding a Positive: Intuition as to why subtracting a negative number is equivalent to adding the absolute value of that number

5. has an extensive online lesson about comparing, ordering integers, using integers to represent change and how integers are used in real life.  It includes a variety of interactive activities.

6. has an excellent resource sheet which explains how to add and subtract positive and negative numbers. 

7. Lastly, we will be playing this game in also makes for good addition practice at home. Here's the how to: