DREAM VACATION: Financial Literacy & Oral Presentation


*You may work with a partner if you choose.

Task: You have been given an imaginary $7500 each to spend on a dream vacation. You are are to create a media/oral presentation about your travel plans and costs.


  • Your trip must include all budget costs, starting right from the moment you leave home to the moment you get back. 
  • Your trip must include daily expenses and daily totals. 
  • Your trip must include a budget tally at the end (Total Cost)
  • Your trip must not exceed  $7500 each
  • Your trip cannot be to an 'all inclusive' location
  • Your trip must be outside of Ontario
  • Your trip costs must be in CAN dollars (you can easily convert currencies using SIRI and the internet)

  • Your trip must include a CULTURAL component, a SPORT component, and a NATURE component
  • You can go anywhere in the world, assuming you can pay for the airfare there and back and nightly lodgings!
  • Your trip cannot exceed 5 days. (5 days start after your travel day)
  • Your media content needs to include a title page & pictures related to your trip/destination
  • Your content needs to have sources and be properly can look up everything on the internet, from airfare and hotel costs to admission costs to transit costs and so on...
  • Media of your choice!

Trips to be presented April 11-13.
You will be slotted 8 in class periods to complete. Any additional time needed to be taken outside of class, at home. 

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