Student Blogs/Media Maker Cycle Project

Project Outline
This project involves our class....and classes in Hawaii, Washington State, California, Alberta and Ontario...

We will be creating various media and sharing it with other classes, who will in turn share with us. Students will create media for an audience and will be an audience for others.

Students are put into digital learning hubs. My class will be Hub Leaders! Their names at at the top of the hub lists. 

The media projects centre on various topics. Follow along on the blog or on twitter #clmaker

List of maker cycles:

  1. A Personal Introduction (Using Google Slides, if you so choose) (part 1) & (Due Oct 1)
  2. Group Name/Design a Group Badge (part 2) (Due Nov 2) *collaborative across learning hubs
  3. A travel piece (Due Dec 1)
  4. Environmental Issues (Due Feb 1)
  5. Social Justice Issues (historical or present day) (March 1)
  6. Poetry/Lyrics (Due April 1)
  7. Completely Open! Do Anything! (Due May 1)

My Students: Media Applications
Possible media applications you could use:

Google Slides (Can be created online or use as a free app)
Bitstripsforschools (shanty8)
Online Digital Poster(Canva)
Haiku Deck (Public version) (Here's an example)
Create a SHORT whiteboard video (or other video) & email to Mrs. J (who can upload to our class youtube account)...then can be embedded on your blog page
Explain Everything Whiteboard App on the school ipads Here's an example OR download the free Show Me Whiteboard App
Create a photo/text collage (try free app Photo Collage Maker)

and more...!
Our Digital Friends

A Classroom Cheer from our Hawaii friends! And their Padlet
Grade 8 About Hawaii video #1 and #2 and #3
Washington Introductions: Google Slide Show
Waterloo ON Introductions: Google Slide Show

Our Videos For Our Friends!

An Ordinary Day 
Hub Leaders Introduction

Learning Hub Blog Links

Hub 1
Hub Leader: Jared (ON)
Samara (AB)
Nisan (ON)
Madto (WA-8)
Winar (WA-7)

Hub 2
Hub Leader: Tom (ON)
Tristan (AB)
Lola & Matthews (ON)
Devon (WA-8)
Hanton (WA-6)

Hub 3
Hub Leader: Mady (ON)
Ernesto (AB)
Eddie (ON)
Spike (WA-8)
Andolphe (WA-6)

Hub 4
Hub Leader: Carina (ON)
Israel (AB)
Aiden (ON)
Lykmo (WA-8)
Eadacoe (WA-6)
Laiky (WA-5)

Hub 5
Hub Leader: Maya  (ON)
Damien (AB)
Meagan (ON)
Gramda (WA-8)
Kanith (WA-6)

Hub 6
Hub Leader: Chase (ON)
Davin (AB)
Mallory (ON)
Smair (WA-8)
Bremare (WA-6)
Komand (WA-5)

Hub 7
Hub Leader: Trent (ON)
Spencer (AB)
Esther (ON)
Marka (WA-8)
Ademoe (WA-6)

Hub 8
Hub Leader: Chloe (ON)
Yruwsha (AB)
Madeline (ON)
Sinda (WA-8)
Samsim (WA-6)

Hub 9
Hub Leader: Sulli (ON)
Diego (AB)
Carson (ON)
Carse (WA-8)
Hardi (WA-6)

Hub 10
Hub Leader: Hannah (ON)
Trey (AB)
Jessica (ON)
Zella (WA-8)
Story (WA-6)

Hub 11
Hub Leader: Nicole (ON)
Andrew (ON)
Sontra (WA-8)
Enibe (WA-5)
Laiky (WA-5)

Hub 12
Hub Leader: Desmond (ON)
Ethan (AB)
Emily (ON)
Mashua (WA-8)
Essebe (WA-5)

Hub 13
Hub Leader: Hunter (ON)
Angelica (AB)
Zachary (ON)
Dresey (WA-8)
Airboie (WA-5)

Hub 14
Hub Leader: Olivia (ON)
Charlotte (AB)
Colbey (ON)
Phasa (WA-7)
Rincar (WA-5)

Hub 15
Hub Leader: Michael  (ON)
Tyson (AB)
Ben (ON)
Shyni (WA-7)
Engeo (WA-5)

Hub 16
Hub Leader: Tyra (ON)
Dillon (AB)
Jaxson (ON)
Kyind (WA-7)
Andlow (WA-5)

Hub 17
Hub Leader: Blake (ON)
Dylan (AB)
Jia (ON) & Teo (ON)
Warfra (WA-7)

Hub 18
Hub Leader: Matt (ON)
Ashley (AB)
Aine (ON) & Sadiq (ON)
Ayrel (WA-7)

Hub 19
Hub Leader: Felix (ON)
Mackenzie (AB)
Tessa (ON)
Tener (WA-7)
Tomitch (WA-5)

Hub 20
Hub Leader: Robert (ON)
Zackery (AB)
Sarah & Ryan (ON)
Strange  (WA-7)
Okisom (WA-5)

Hub 21
Hub Leader: Molls (ON)
Alisa & Brooke (ON)
Ranger (WA-7)
Errevo (WA-5)


  1. Awesome! Thank you Mrs Johnson for bringing us all together. I'm excited to see what happens. We're just finishing up our videos in Grade 8, and hopefully will be on blogs by next Tuesday or sooner. The other classes 567 had a few interruptions, so we're catching up. So looking forward to learning from all of you.

  2. Our first blogs are up, and we have commented on our Hubs blogs as well. It was wonderful to read all the great projects and start getting to know everyone. We are already working on ideas for Hub names and badges and can't wait to discuss them with you all. We hope we can Skype with you all sometime!
    Mrs. Smith and 8C

  3. yes I am also happy that you brought this class room thing together but i will make even more friends then ever thank you so much

  4. We should have all our poems completed and on blogs. Those who completed videos are presented in a slideshow here: The fifth grade will hopefully finish their VoiceThread tomorrow. Thank you for your patience.