This is an engaging task that I've done in years past. It's fun to research, plan, and do the math!

Then students get to share them, and we get to see all their interesting travel destinations!

Here's how it works:

Students, you've been rewarded up to $15,000 CAN (imaginary money) to go on a dream vacation!

You can go anywhere, for however long you like, with a friend if you like (you can pool your money), but you cannot go over budget! (Though you definitely can go under budget).

You are to plan and budget your trip accordingly and then present your plan to the class in a media format of your choice!

Your plan must include:
  • Transportation details and costs for each person (how are you getting there?)
  • Accommodation details and costs (where are you staying? Hotel? Rented house or condo? Youth hostel? How long are you there for?)
  • An itinerary or activity play for your stay, which includes activity details and costs (what are doing while there? How much does it cost? Don't forget things like bus passes or train passes!)
  • Any additional spending money! (And what will you spend it on?) 
Costs are to be in CAN dollars, which means you will need to convert any currency if costs are quoted to you in USD or Euros for example.

Include budget details and TOTAL AMOUNT

Taxes must also be included!

Also, include photos or videos about your trip!

You can choose which media you will use to present your information!

DUE DATE: April 8th!

Oral Language Criteria:
-communicate in a clear, coherent manner
-use appropriate words, phrases, and terminology (be specific!)
-use appropriate vocal effect including tone, pace, pitch and volume
-use appropriate non verbal cues, such as facial expression, gestures, and eye contact
-use a variety of appropriate visual aids to enhance and support oral presentations

Media Criteria:
-use an appropriate form to suit the purpose (ie: choose a media form that best communicates your travel budget and plans)
-use appropriate conventions and techniques (ie: includes a title, subtitles, visuals, communicates the necessary information in an easy to access format (for example, graphics, lists, bullet points, short texts, day by day itinerary, etc.)). In other words, be detailed! Be organized!

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