Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Nikolas & Co: Achievement "Unlocked"!

    Kevin McGill, the writer of Nikolas & Co, wrote our class a letter after seeing your visual doodles about his book!

    To Mrs. Johnson's grade 7/8 students,

    • Your teacher, Mrs. Johnson, just showed me your pictures of Nikolas and Company and all I can say is, awesome! 

    • I am so impressed by your drawings and desire to read that I've decided to make it worth your while. 

    • There are so many things about Nikolas and Company that you don't know yet. 

    • Like the power of jynn'us - every person has a power hidden inside all of them, and when they breathe the air of Mon, it will be unlocked. 

    • Some have the power to call weapons out of thin air, others can destroy an entire airship with the blink of an eye. 

    • Then, there's all the various kinds of fantastic creatures: creachlings, elflings, fairlings, humlings, unlings, biglings, midglings, and plantlings. Each kind has their own set of creatures and monsters.

    • For example, under the plantling kind, there is a terrible monster that is part tree and part spider. (A hint: Don't be fooled by one of its juicy looking fruits.) 

    • Would you like to be the first to know more about the thousands of different creatures and inner-powers? Well, you will. 

    • For every week that you listen to and draw along with Nikolas and Company, I will unlock another Mon mystery on my website just for you. 

    • Simply visit and click on "Mon Mysteries."

    • Read on! 

    • Sincerely, 


    Thanks Kevin! I will be sure to let you know by the end of each week if we've got doodles! And if we do I will post them on my new page on this blog dedicated to the Visual Doodles

    What an exciting way to explore the creative universe of Nikolas & Company. We look forward to 'unlocking' this special content as we read and think our way through your book!

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