Friday, 27 April 2012

Interviewing Kevin McGill!

Today we had the pleasure of speaking with author Kevin McGill via Skype!

Like with previous guest speakers, students paired up to create interview questions, with one student asking the question at the Skype event, and the other student writing them down (oral language curriculum: speaking in a clear coherent manner AND taking notes to record key points of a speaker).

Kevin was a participant last year in my J/I Boy's Literacy Event held here at Goodfellow. He co-created with buddy Luke Navarro (who was a guest speaker with our class in the fall, when we were writing our game reviews!) Kevin is the author of a teen fantasy novel 'Nikolas & Company: The Merman and the Moon Forgotten'. He recently sent his book into space! Check out the video!

Want to know how Kevin got the book down from the tree? Want to why Kevin decided to send his book into space? Want to know why he used a balloon instead of a rocket? How about what his favourite book is? We found out about that, and more...

To document today's interview session, I have created a prezi at Check it out to see what we found out! THANKS KEVIN FOR JOING OUR CLASS TODAY!

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