Sunday, 29 November 2015

Discovering 'Growth Mindset' Through Narratives

Every day we have 20 minutes of personal reading time. Students spend this time reading material of their own choosing (typically, a novel).

We then do an activity (either reading or writing focused) that they can apply to their personal reading.

Sometimes it's a CASI type question (ie: is it a good title? explain why or why not or what is the main idea/theme?).

And sometimes it's a CASI related question (ie: write the scene from an alternative point of view).

And sometimes it's writing related (ie: which writing trait is the author uses effectively or ineffectively? give an example).

One other area we are starting to explore within these narratives is the concept of Growth Mindset.

For example, we just completed our class read aloud: Running To Extremes.

In this biography Ray Zahab, a Canadian ultra-marathon runner, explains how he got into the sport, and also the many many challenges (mental and physical) he faced while racing in the Yukon, Sahara and the Amazon (and elsewhere).

There are numerous times when he wanted to give up...but didn't. Or made mistakes...which he then adapted to or changed for the better next time around.

The concept of Growth Mindset is all through out this book!

Of course, a narrative doesn't need to be about ultra marathon racing to illustrate the growth mindset.

Many narrative plots involve an obstacle that needs to be overcome...Characters often face challenges and conflicts that require a shift in perspective and self-understanding... This is true in novels (written narratives) and film (visual narratives). (And we will continue to study both).

Looking at main characters and plots through the lens of 'growth mindset' is a great way to connect personally to the concept.

We will continue to look at how Growth Mindset effects the characters in narratives and in that way, develop our own understanding of how this method of thinking might impact our own lives.

PS. For more about Canadian ultra-marathon runner Ray Zahab, click here

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