Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Kevin McGill: Author Skype

Kevin writes YA fiction and has been a popular guest speaker in my class in previous years. (See this previous blog post for more information and to see his video when he sent his book into space).

Today, students will interview Kevin. They have created interview questions: one of the pair will ask the question, the other student will write down the answer.

After the interview, students will cooperatively write a summary of our interview using this google doc HERE

This is a synopsis of Kevin's book: Nikolas and Co. available on Amazon.

In the near future the world is coming to an end. What’s fourteen-year-old Nick and his friends to do? Escape through time to a fantastic moon populated by Merfolk of course. 

When Nick finds wealthy shoppers stepping over the body of his dying refugee friend, Jermaine, on the way to their next shoe sale, he decides that it’s time to leave Earth, and his friends are going with him. Nick’s grandfather, Grand, offers a way to realize this dream by taking him to the moon, but there’s a catch. Grand’s moon is in the past; it's teeming with magical creatures, and its merfolk believe that Nick will save them from the thousand-eyed monsters haunting their fortresses. 

To save his refugee friends, Nick must choose the better world: A future Earth filled with genetic viruses and malicious nannydrones, or a fantastic moon in the past inhabited by blood thirsty gorgons, man-eating pirate ships, and fire-breathing winged lions. The future or the fantastic? Their lives are in Nick's hands. 

Nikolas and Company: The Merman and The Moon Forgotten, follows Nick’s boisterous and heart-felt journey as he seeks to save his friends. If "The Doctor" took The Goonies on an adventure to a fantastic version of the moon, you'd get Nikolas and Company. 

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