Thursday, 2 February 2017

GUEST SPEAKER: Phil Hall Oro Medonte Councillor

Yesterday, local Councillor for Ward 3, Phil Hall, came to speak to our class.

He spoke about the different levels of government, and how he came to be Councillor and what it means to be a Councillor. He discussed some of the current issues facing Oro Medonte right now.

Students got the chance to tell Mr. Hall about the places they love in Oro-Medonte and Shanty Bay, places like the Church Woods, the Dock at line 2, the beach at Line 9, and so on.

Students also presented some of their concerns, such as how cold it is at the arena, how some roads need to be fixed, and the problem with the dumping at  line 1.

I think it was AWESOME for students to meet their local representative and see how the decison making process works in a democratic system.

Also, we talked about what it means to be a citizen in a democracy, how you have the right to be informed,, to contact your local Councillor (or MP or MPP) with concerns.

In the context of our Change Agent project, we learned how it is possible to take action at a local level.

I think it was an informative day for everyone! Thank you, Mr. Hall, for visiting!

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