Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Hello Students!

Just wanted to let you know that today's SNOW DAY doesn't impact our plans and due dates too much.

Please note these changes.
  • TOMORROW is now MATH OUTSIDE. Be prepared to step outside for a treasure hunt outdoors during one period of math. Dress weather appropriate. 
  • MATH QUIZ is still open book and is still set for next Monday. Though consider it less of a QUIZ and more like an in class ASSIGNMENT. 
  • A mini MATH quiz has been added for JAN 20 on measurement. 
  • WRITING is still due next Monday.

Geography & Health Tasks will be introduced tomorrow. We will also finally look at our last Art Element of SPACE tomorrow so we can finally finish those art blogs for Jan 19th! To do that, however, we will shorted gym.

Our health focus has altered slightly since I wrote up the assignment and I have edited the assignment page to reflect this.

I have guest speakers coming in and our topics relate to their availability.

MADD will be presenting next MONDAY and so we will be looking at addiction and substance abuse. Our second health topic this month will be STRESS and BODY IMAGE.

Officer Knox will come in Feb. to present material on being safe online. So our initial look at safety on line will wait until his presentation.

I am very please to have these guest speakers in our class!

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