Monday, 14 December 2015

Graphing Stories: Creating Graphing Stories Videos!

As mentioned in a previous post, Mrs. Boate, Innovation Resource Teacher with SCDSB, planned to return today to video our own graphing stories!

When Mrs. Boate visited us in early December, she introduced us to this site: graphing stories. 

On it, are different real life scenarios which can then be graphed.

Students watch the scenario and then creatively interpret it into a mathematical (graphical) representation of their own devising...which involves lots of interesting math processing skills, like estimating distances/time, and reasoning, reflecting upon and justifying their decisions, etc. 

Then you get to watch 'the answer'.

We have since watched, and graphed several graphing stories on the graphing story website. It reached a point where we could look at the scenario and already have the 'graph' version in our minds before even putting pen to paper!

Clearly, we were ready to create our own versions!

We brainstormed ideas for videos, scenarios that could easily take place around the school yard, such as basketball, football, playground activities, paper airplanes, games like leap frog...

Having practiced so many graphing scenarios on the site, students could tell us straight away what the end results/graph would look like...

So they were able to apply their knowledge to a new context! One of their own choosing, and one which they were able to physically and visually experience. 

Then, with the help of Mrs. Boate and Mrs. Owen (also an Innovation Resource Teacher with SCDSB), small groups filmed the activities on the iPad and/or go-pro camera.

Afterwards, they edited the raw footage to create 'graphing stories' like videos.

 Some included slow motion and some decided to also include 'the answer' as a graphic representation (which is how it is on the website).

Here is an example!

Please check out the other fabulous creations on our class youtube page!

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