Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Looking Ahead to January!

In the next month, lots of exciting things will be happening!

Here are a few of the highlights!

Animal Farm: this is our next read aloud, as per our student survey. Animal Farm is 'classic literature', a text that allows for a multitude of connections and 'deep thoughts'. Students may encounter this text again in high-school and this a great opportunity for some excellent 'high-school literacy prep'.

SKYPE interview with author Kevin McGill: Kevin is a writing friend of mine who self publishes YA novels. He participated (and co-created) my Boys Literacy Skype Event from 2011 (see the news paper/media articles about the event here...scroll down to the bottom!) and used to run a website called Guys Can Read. He has been a frequent SKYPE guest in my intermediate classes. Here is his book website. And this is when he sent his book into space!

Barrie Film Festival: As part of their Education Program, we will be viewing Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation, which is a 1989 American fan film made as a shot for shot remake of the 1981 original film. It was filmed over a 7 year period by 3 boys from Mississippi. 

As preparation for this film, we have been asked to watch the original film. We have used short films to prepare for our next CASI reading assessment and we can apply those skills again to these films. It also ties in quite nicely to the conversations we have been having around Growth Mindset

More Engineering Projects & Tech Buddies Projects: Our building projects and tech buddy session were both very successful. There is more to come in the new year! We will likely meet our tech buddies again for a science project, and also have another engineering project within the month of January.

Maker Cycle: Our next media project for the learning hubs is 'environment issues'. 
These are just a few of the highlights! Of course there are other things. Check out the Current Learning Focus page in January to see specific goals by subject.

Looking forward to exciting January!

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