Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Guest Blogger: Chase

As an extension to learning, each student will have a chance to write a short blog post for this class blog! Here is Chase's contribution!

The best video game in the world is Pokemon because it has awesome designs for every Pokemon. I hear people say “only the 1st generation is the best” or “the new Pokemon designs suck.” Whereas I disagree, I think that every Pokemon is unique in its own way. Although some are stronger than others making them overused, but that's just life, there will be the strong and the weak. But just because one is stronger than the other, or looks cooler than the other, doesn't it make it worthless.

Also, Pokemon has a terrific story. It’s all about bonding with your Pokemon and friendship, and using them in battle and displaying the friendship  and trust you have in one another. and i know this sounds silly because it’s just a game, but to me, I like to pretend that i am a Pokemon trainer while playing the game, beating the gym leaders, catching rare Pokemon.

Lastly, the music in Pokemon is fantastic! Such beautifully crafted songs really make me feel part of the adventure! The music is so outstanding I even went to a symphony that only played Pokemon songs!

I hope one day, Pokemon won’t be fiction anymore, that science will be able to make Pokemon and release them into the wild  for me, to catch them all and continue my quest of being the best pokemon trainer in the world!

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