Friday, 30 September 2016


In visual arts, we are looking at the elements of design and analyzing how artists use those elements to convey a mood/emotion and ultimately a message. We are also creatively experimenting with each art element in turn.

We are starting with LINES.

Different types of lines convey a different type of feeling. Horizontal lines can provide a feeling of calm or stability. Zig zags have lots of energy and can feel chaotic! Swirling lines can feel lazy or hypnotic. And so on!

Students are to pick one of the following paintings and in a blog post on their student blogs, list the lines used and what feelings those lines create. These are the choices!

Starry Night (Van Gogh),
the Scream (Edvard Munch)

As we make our way through the elements of design, we will return to these paintings (and the original blog posts) to explore how all those elements are used in the art.

Eventually, students will have examined all the different elements of design and they will have a pretty good understanding of how those elements create meaning in these particular pieces!

PS. In addition, we will be creating an art piece that demonstrates well thought out useage of the elements of design as a means for creating meaning. 

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