Thursday, 8 September 2016

Creative exploration of the creative process! Mini challenge!

I live being creative and working through the creative process. It's a process that's very adaptable...

If you are a writer, you'll recognize it as the writing process. If you are an artist, you will recognize it as an artistic process. If you are an engineer, you will recognize it as a design process. And so on!

Yesterday we did a creative mini challenge. I said:

"Using any objects in the classrooms, create an artistic representation of the concept 'school'. A school 'still life'. You have five minutes. Be prepared to explain your representation." GO!

And here are some of the results.

The representations related to subjects, tools used, learning, growth mindset and growth over time.

This was a fun, quick way to examine the creative process. A next step would be to revise one's creation based on feedback and self-assessment. How can you improve? What needs to be changed? How can you take this even further?

We are going to be engaged in this process across the curriculum!

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