Monday, 14 November 2016

Math Review: FRACTIONS BOOT CAMP! Exercising our equivalent fraction math muscles!

Currently, we are looking at fractions in the numeracy unit.

We are in the midst of a rather thorough review. Fraction Bootcamp! The Fraction Reunion Tour!

We are exercising those MATH MUSCLES!

Math is very much like a house of cards. You need to have solid foundations in order to move up.

One key concept is the basic definition of what a fractions is: equal parts of a whole.

The denominator tells you how many equal pieces the whole has been cut up into. The numerator tells you how many pieces out of that you have.

The other key concept is the idea of equivalent fractions. The same amount is there, it has just been cut up differently.

The concept of equivalent fractions  impacts everything such as

  • converting improper to mixed number and back again
  • finding the simplest/simplified form
  • decimals conversions
  • adding/subtracting fractions with uncommon denominators
  • ordering and sorting fractions
  • determining greater than/less than

And so on.

It is such a key concept that I am spending a considerable amount of time on it, building in complexity. Building those MATH MUSCLES.

For instance, what is an equivalent fractions for 34/58?

Please feel free to follow along in our math task slide show and to use the math blog for resources as needed.

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