Monday, 7 November 2016

Remembrance Day Assembly: Additional Materials

In planning the assembly, we used the website from the Ministry of Veterans Affairs.

This website has considerable resources and we highly recommend spending some time on it!

The Guide to Commemorative Services helped us understand the traditional format for an assembly. It included links to digital music.

Besides giving a ceremony, there are numerous Ways To Remember. These could be done as an individual or as a classroom.

Educators, there are so many excellent resources to be found on the Veterans Affairs site. You can find a list of ideas here.

You might also find the Remembrance Timeline and History pages useful.

In our assembly, we wanted to show the impact of war on those who survive. The Veterans Affairs site has a vast collection of interviews (the 'Heros Remember Archive') with those who have served. Titles such as Were You Scared? and Like Losing a Family Member, among others, help us to understand the impact of war on those veterans who live through it.

We included Eva Olsson in our Remembrance Day Assembly because her experience during the war as a civilian touched us deeply.

Here is the link to our media piece on Eva Olsson.

And here is her website.

These are considered powerful music/media pieces to show and discuss.
Highway of Heros
Pittance of Time

From our Assembly: Our google doc with embedded links

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