Monday, 17 October 2016

Math Quiz #1

For our data management unit, these are our objectives:

Tomorrow we will do the quiz on math terminology and mean, median, mode and range. We might also finish up our analizing of graphing stories during an in class assignment. Tomorrow, we will do our graphing stories videos. And, perhaps,we will complete our final task...analyzing a graph (quiz #2), using both observations and inferences. If not, that will be next week.

As mentioned in class today, students may find these charts useful for tomorrow's quiz so I've posted them here. Also, remember students, you can always check out our math blog resource! Click on the Data Collection and Mean, Median, Mode and Range pages. Everything you need is on there! Including some practice work for mean, median and mode, if you feel you need the additional practice.

Also keep in mind there is a data management component to your Change Agent project so we will be revisiting some of these concepts again very soon!

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