Thursday, 27 October 2016

Writing & Change Agents assignments: DUE SOON!

Two assignments are coming due shortly...

1. A revision of the Life Event students (a creative autobiography) *Due Nov 4.*

We have studied the 'writing traits' by looking at various, numerous examples of effective ('good') writing.

We have looked in student samples, ministry exemplars, and also by examining the books we've chosen for personal reading...good writing is everywhere! (Let's see what they are doing right! Or what needs to be improved, as the case may be!)

Now students are being asked to turn that critical eye to their own writing and use that vision, along with my feedback, to improve. (I wrote specific feedback to each student in their google docs.)]

Here's the checklist we have created in the classroom.

This checklist of criteria is similar to the one we have posted in the classroom and students can a;lso use it as a guide.

 I look forward to seeing your improved pieces!

2. Change Agent research and plan. *Due NOV 3* and onward *students, please make sure you have signed up for a conference time using the link in the side bar!

Over the past two months, students have been working on a long term Change Agent project.

We started with exploration of various Change Agents and issues, and have now asked students to narrow in on a topic.

Students have been given a lot of class time to research and plan in relation to their chosen area and they will be conferencing with myself and Mrs. Czarnota starting Nov 3 to clarify the details.

Parents, we ask that you talk with your child about their Change Agent plans, partly so you can hear more about what they are doing, but also so they can practice explaining their research and ideas in anticipation of the conference.  A letter was sent home today in regards to this, and you can also find it online: HERE

Once their plan is completed, and confirmed and approved by us, students can work on making their plan a reality.

For more information about the specifics of the Change Agent project, please see the class blog page above on the Change Agent project.

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