Monday, 24 October 2016

STEAM Challenge: Slow Marble Role

During our last STEAM Challenge (last Thursday) students were asked to create a free-standing slow marble roll...

That was also TALL and ARTISTICALLY pleasing

Here were some of the marvelous creations!

You will notice the active application of art elements: colour, shape, line. 

As to results, here's the tally!

A&J     85cm                  3 seconds
K&E     100cm             16.63 seconds
L&E     30cm                 8.61 seconds
M&L     73 & 75 cm      4.69 & 12.13 seconds
R&H     72cm                5.85 seconds
M&B     82cm              11.97 seconds
L&N     110cm              4.17 seconds
A&B&B  52cm             5.30 seconds
K&G&C   140cm          7.77 seconds
N              77cm             9.11 seconds
C&N         77cm             4.33 seconds
C&F         20cm              4.58 seconds

I'm thinking a scatter plot would be a great way to show this data! Let's create one this week!

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