Friday, 7 October 2016

Outdoor Pilot Project: Math Outside (Among other things)

I'm delighted to announce that my class has the opportunity to be part of a yearlong pilot project with SCDSB, investigating the benefits of outdoor education (aka learning outside) as regards math and also other curriculum areas! That means we will be taking our learning outside on a regular basis!

Earlier in the year, we started taking math photos for our Instagram photo challenges (based on those from @mathphoto16). Today, with our iPads and devices, we took all those challenges outside..and then some! Here we go, outside...

We realized that math is all over the place! Area, perimeter, volume, height, width, measurement of all kinds, symmetry, reflections, shapes (3D and 2D...hello, geometry!), lines (and of course angles), fractions (and where there are fractions there are decimals and percents! and ratios!), patterns (which leads to algebra!), scale, numbers of all kinds (operations! Estimation!)... and so on!

Lots of math to explore just in the yard! And that's on our first look around.

Students documented their math observations using our Instagram account. See if you can spot the above list of math ideas (and more!) in the photos on our Instagram page. Snapshots are also below!

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