Friday, 21 October 2016

Math Thinking

At our PD day session on Friday, Laura Gini Newman (@LauraGiniNewman) was our guest speaker. I live tweeted the event. These are some of the awesome things she said about math...
  • No matter what you are doing in life you need to be math thinkers!
  • Our ultimate goal is 2help students help themselves. How to get students to be self regulated, independent learners.
  • Nurture habits of mind to promote #math learning: perseverance, attention to detail, flexible mind.
  • Making mistakes is a productive part of learning #math.
  • Really good #math students can think, act and communicate well mathematically
  • Rigorous thinking is critical, creative, collaborative!
  • Do not rush to the 'right answer'... pause for conjecture, prediction, reflection, create the environment.
  • Students are not engaged unless they are personally committed to it.

She also asked these great questions:
  • How can we support students in developing competencies to think critically, creatively and conceptually?
  • Ask: what is the thinking that I'm doing? Need to make the thinking explicit.
  • How to make best decisions possible? This is one of the questions #math raises.
  • What thinking would you have to do to make a good mathematical decision

These are all things to keep in mind as we move forward in our math learning!

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